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Ann Stewart

bio Ann Stewart is a visual artist who uses drawing, printmaking, and sculpture to investigate the visualization of perception. Stewart received her master of fine arts degree from the Uni - versity of Michigan and her bachelor of fine arts degree in painting from Auburn University. She has shown her work at whitespace, Fay Gold Gallery, Mason Murer Fine Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, in Atlanta; Interna- tional Print Center New York, Robert Henry Contemporary, and Christie’s, New York; and the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn, Alabama. She has attended residencies at Penland School of Craft, Vermont Studio Center, Atlanta Printmakers Studio, and Anchor Graphics. She lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. artist’s statement I have always had a fascination with trying to figure out how people make sense of things and attend to visual phenomena. How does what I see become what I know and what is the best way to visualize this translation? As a visual artist, I make work that documents this process. In my research, I draw in- spiration from the disciplines of cognitive science, philosophy, and architecture. Using the tools of mapping and patterning as well as receiving inspiration from bottom up construction in which small interactions create larger entities, I produce forms that allude to living systems, natural phenomena, and architectural structures. In my most recent body of work, I use drawing, printmaking, and sculpture to give a physical pres- ence to the invisible process of perception. By using a process of pattern recognition and pattern generation, both finding and fabricating forms, I negotiate the boundary between randomness and structure.

Anamorphic Loop

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