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‘I’m Fine’

Common Reasons People Avoid Seeing the Audiologist

treating your hearing loss should not be forgotten. Increased risk of dementia, frustration, isolation, depression, reduced earning potential, an even increased risk of hospitalization are all associated with untreated hearing loss. Fortunately, we now offer a number of options that make it easy to afford top- notch hearing care instead of settling for less than the best results. For example, one program allows us to treat your hearing loss with the most advanced, most discrete technology available -– including all initial and ongoing services of our expert doctors of audiology, any accessories needed, and replacement of your state-of-the-art hearing devices every 3–4 years — at a cost of $175 per month. Rather than worrying about how you will afford the best hearing care, you can enjoy better hearing and know you will have the best care at an affordable rate. Have you or someone you know been putting off seeking help hearing loss? If so, call us at 516-872-8485 and set up free consultation with one of our doctors of audiology to address your concerns.

Below is a brief description of just some of the reasons we hear from patients about why they delayed care, as well as some perspective to help you understand why delay and avoidance of the issue is not helpful. ‘It cannot be true.’ It is common for people with hearing loss to trick themselves into believing everything is fine — or to “fake it” if they know they may be missing some of the conversation. The most typical hearing loss happens gradually, so family members usually situations where it is easier to hear — such as one-on-one conversations in a quiet home — as examples that their hearing is fine. Some people who are aware of their hearing difficulty believe there is nothing that can be done to solve their problem and are reluctant to deal with the issue. Fortunately, for those with hearing loss, it can almost always be improved with proper treatment if you work with the right professional. notice it first. People can also trick themselves, and others, by using 2 • We’re listening to you. “When I first came to Hearing Center of Long Island, I was certain I did not want or need hearing aids. My family had been complaining about my hearing and was frustrated with me. I thought they were just being picky, but I decided to have my hearing checked to prove them wrong. I’m so glad that I chose to go to Hearing Center of Long Island. Dr. Lazzaro worked closely with me to see what my hearing needs were. When I discovered that I did in fact have hearing loss, I was still skeptical about needing hearing aids. Fortunately, I was able to try hearing aids before actually purchasing them. The experience of trying customized hearing aids with no cost or

‘I amnot that old.’ Hearing loss can happen at any age. Too often, people suffer much longer than they need to with hearing difficulty. Keep in mind that by the time you have a mild loss of hearing for loudness, more than half of the neurons from your inner ear to the brain are not functioning properly. That means that even though loudness my not be much of a problem, clarity, listening to rapid speech, and listening in background noise can already be a significant problem. For those concerned with cosmetics and “looking older,” it is important to note that there are now a number of different invisible or virtually invisible options. Of course, you will appear to be older if you are often needing to ask others to repeat themselves or mishearing what they say. More importantly, research indicates that hearing clarity can usually be restored more fully if hearing loss is treated earlier. ‘I cannot afford that.’ As with any degenerative disorder, the cost of treatment of hearing loss can be a concern. Of course, the cost of not obligation — in real life for a number of weeks and not just in the office — was an eye-opening experience. I found that I was hearing so much better and started to realize how much I had been missing! It took some time to get used to hearing things that I had not been hearing for a long time, but Dr. Lazzaro guided me through the process with care, patience, and expertise that made it easy. My hearing and ability to understand conversation are so much better now. My family is just as happy as I am, and I’m not arguing with them about my hearing anymore!

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Lazzaro and Roger Diehm

My thanks to the entire staff of Hearing Center of Long Island for making such a difference in my hearing and my quality of life.” - Roger Diehm Elmont, NY


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