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Encourage Your Children to Learn

A LOVE OF LEARNING STARTS AT HOME When you were growing up, you probably dreaded going to school as much as any other kid until your parents taught you the value of education. And now, your child may be going through that same phase. Perhaps they’re struggling to understand specific concepts, or they’re falling behind their peers and are embarrassed. Whatever the case may be for your child, you can use summer to teach them how to love learning and value education as much as you do. First, you can start by explaining the reasons why education is vital in a relatable way. Use examples from your own educational journey to show how your school experiences developed your critical thinking skills, enhanced your creativity, and put you on a career path that was best for you. If your child enjoys more hands-on activities to learn, engage them in projects or field trips that allow them to touch and interact with materials alongside others. They’ll develop a love for learning in a mode that connects with their ideal learning style. Another way to instill the value of education in your child is to cultivate their passions while teaching them. Take them to the library and check out books about what they love. If they’re interested in a

certain animal, take them to the zoo or to an aquarium to see it in real life. You can even take them to museums to explore science and history.

Keep in mind that your child is going to mimic your behaviors, so be open-minded when it comes to education and learning. Read your own books alongside your child to motivate them to continue reading independently. Talk about the zoo animals and museum exhibits with your child to further encourage fun conversations about each topic to keep them interested. Finding activities that encourage your child to grow as a young learner will benefit them, no matter what time of year it is, but fun summertime educational experiences will keep your child entertained and prepared for the next school year!


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