Eco Imaging

Green: Past, Present, Future

In addition to Duggal’s product line, printers, and practices, Duggal teamed up with renowned green architects to implement solutions in our 35,000-square-foot event space. The project, called The Duggal Greenhouse, is the standard for green industrial spaces in NYC.

Duggal has always strived to be environmentally conscious and make continued efforts to raise the standard when it comes to sustainable practices.

Our foothold in the sustainability movement refocused back in 2008, when we chose to honor Mahatma Gandhi and his message for a sustainable world by printing his poignant sayings on Eco-Imaging billboards around New York City. The billboards were printed on a variety of our eco-friendly materials, featuring serene photographs of natural landscapes by Antonio Vizcaino. Within the next couple of decades, our planet is expected to face unprecedented resource depletion. Only bold steps today can solve the crises of tomorrow. We at Duggal are proud to apply our energy to creating large-scale solutions that will reduce our collective environmental footprint and contribute to maintaining the health of our planet. For more information or to book an event:


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