Eco Imaging

Current Industry Standard Printing Most graphic producers use solvent inks. Solvent ink chemically penetrates the surface of the substrate, and fuses itself into the material. Solvent prints produce high VOCs and require complex ventilation systems to operate. After production and printing, the material must go through a toxic process of stripping the inks for reuse, making recycling difficult and expensive. Sustainable Printing Technology UV Printing (ECO) - Unlike traditional solvent inks, UV ink sits on the surface of the substrate and is then cured as it leaves the printer. UV ink is removed much easier and enables the substrate to be recycled efficiently and effectively. Our UV printers’ inks are also Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free. Duggal leads the industry with 5 high-resolution UV printers including the first Durst 900 flatbed printer installation globally and the installation of the first Durst 500R large format printer in the U.S. Each Durst printer has unmatched quality with 2040 nozzles per color including white ink technology, and has attained the prestigious Nordic Swan green certification. Duggal’s array of Durst Wide Format and brand new Inca Q40i printers gives us the newest, fastest and highest quality wide format UV fleet of any digital graphics company in the U.S. Aqueous Pigment Printing (ECO) - This form of printing utilizes similar technology to a solvent printer but uses Aqueous Pigments producing no VOCs and needing little ventilation. The head is also much closer to the substrate allowing for very accurate color placement with minimal waste. Duggal’s Inkjet/Giclee Fine Art printing department has multiple aqueous pigment printers.

A wide spray of ink is used to flood the substrate by chemically infusing the ink to the substrate

A precise spray of ink is used to sharply apply the image to the surface of the substrate

A fine art spray nozzle that focuses ink in specific locations for fine details with water based pigments

Aqueous, Latex & Eco-Solvent





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