2021-22 Crown Corporation Collaboration Annual Report

CUSTOMER SERVICE 7. Red Tape Reduction/Customer Service Enhancement

Focused on reducing compliance costs, improving customer service and making it easier for businesses and the public to interact with government. The Investment Attraction, Project Delivery, and Supporting Saskatchewan’s Tech Sector teams also overlap the Customer Service theme, as mentioned on previous page.

COST SAVINGS FROM WORKING AS ONE TEAM 8. Information Technology/Chief Information Officer Working Group

11. Mental Health

The mental health collaboration is currently a community of practice of HR professionals across the Crown sector leveraging knowledge and resources focused on enhancing the mental health of the Crown workforce.

Focused on developing a common program and best practices for cyber security, optimizing IT procurement across government, sharing experiences and building a strong IT community.

9. Shared Strategic Procurement

12. Indigenous Engagement

Focused on procurement that balances cost management with supporting the growth of Saskatchewan’s economy. The committee is strategic about how opportunities are pursued to ensure large procurements do not make it more difficult for Saskatchewan companies to compete. Considerations are given to the current economic and market climate including factors such as labour and supply shortages and the impact those conditions have on long-term contracts.

Working in a collaborative manner to analyze, identify, organize, develop and communicate recommended actions and best practices that support and promote effective Indigenous engagement across government.

13. Printing Opportunities

The printing opportunities collaboration was created to evaluate opportunities for the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation and Publications Saskatchewan to undertake smaller print jobs on behalf of government while balancing support for the private printing sector. The collaboration is currently developing a printing machine capability catalogue to help communicate and align future print/merge jobs.

10. Property Management

The property management collaboration has established a property database that includes information on vacancies, locations, sales, purchases, and lease expirations for both the Crowns and executive government.

The Regional Infrastructure and Shared Utility Corridors teams also overlap the Working As One Team theme.

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