2021-22 Crown Corporation Collaboration Annual Report

Introduction Crown Collaboration has been a success for many years, achieving numerous synergies and cost savings. In 2021-22 Crown Investments Corporation (CIC) took over coordination of Crown Collaboration and it was reviewed, refreshed, and expanded to align with Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan. The guiding principle was to have entities across government and the Crowns ‘working together’.

‘Working together’ themes:

• to attract investment for growth; • to enhance customer service; and • to realize savings from working as one team. Thirteen strategic initiatives were chosen and teams were brought together with representation from the Crowns, Ministries, Treasury Board Crowns and Agencies of government to support the goals of investment attraction, enhanced customer service, and cost savings from working as one team. This report will provide more details about the 13 initiatives and how they support the themes of ‘working together’. In the past, cost savings of approximately $40 million per year were achieved through collaboration between the Crowns. New for 2021-22 a $50 million target was set for collaboration. In 2021-22 over $48.9 million in cost savings were achieved by working together despite the work of Crowns, Treasury Board Crowns, Ministries and Agencies of government being interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The top three cost savings initiatives came from collaborating on: Line Locating, Joint Infrastructure Installation and the Corporate Project Management Office. In 2022-23 Crown Collaboration will become Collaboration, as it not only includes the Crowns, but many other government entities as well. While the name will change the mandate for Collaboration will not. Collaboration will continue to attract investment for growth, enhance customer service and realize savings that will support Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan goals.

Albert Street Bridge, Regina, Saskatchewan


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