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Whether you have poor balance or have been suffering for a long time,seeing a physical therapist at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers of Hazleton can help you return to a more active and pain-free life. Give us a call at (570) 501-1808 today! the moment. Perhaps it isn’t reading that you wish you had more time for, but instead it is a garden that has grown weeds as it has been neglected. It could be a project at your home that you have looked forward to completing or an old car that you’ve wanted to fix up. There are special hobbies and interests that appeal to each of us, and spending time with those hobbies can help you live a more balanced life. Alongside with the task of becoming more mentally balanced with the things that you spend time with in your life is the challenge of becoming more physically balanced. There are certain markers that typically indicate trouble with maintaining balance, such as frequently tripping and falling or feeling dizzy when standing too long. But even if you are not having fundamental issues with your ability to stay balanced in this way, you may still have difficulty with whole-body balance. Yoga is a great form of exercise to use to improve your ability to balance, as yoga helps to strengthen core muscles and improve coordination.

There are a million and one tips that are passed down generation to generation about the key to a long and successful life. Some say the secret to a long and happy life is to focus on family; others say it all comes down to finding the right career. Whatever choices you make in your life, and whatever your values are, there are several fundamental truths that are almost always accurate: To stay healthy, you must stay active, and to stay happy, you must stay balanced. Mental and Physical Balance. Staying active and staying balanced in many ways go hand in hand. Staying active refers to the amount of activity that you engage in daily. This of course can refer to how much time you spend at the gym, but it can also refer to how many steps you take in a day, how often you find yourself running around the office, and how frequently you head out to the backyard to run around with your children or your dog. Balance in many ways works on the same principles. There are some activities that you do every day because you have to do them—work often falls into this category, as do household chores. But what about the activities that you simply love to do? What about the activities that you enjoy?

Think about the last time that you sat down with a book that you loved and made yourself a cup of tea or coffee and really enjoyed

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FREE BALANCE WORKSHOP APRIL 25TH • 10AM On Saturday, April 25th at 10am, FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers of Hazleton will be hosting a Workshop on balance to help you understand what you can do to fix your problem naturally. In the workshop, you will learn: • The most common causes for poor balance • New technologies that help us see in real time what may be causing your poor balance • What can be done to improve balance without surgery • And what are the best exercises to do and NOT TO DO for balance To register for the workshop, call or text 570-501-1808 and be sure to let us know if you have any questions you would like us to answer during the workshop. Seats are limited so be sure to call to register. If you have pain or problems that cannot wait until April, call us and mention this article. We are putting aside a 10 Free Q&A session on our schedule on April 25th, where you can talk to a physical Therapist and get a quick screen for your balance.

You can improve your physical balance by: • Increasing muscle strength • Improving stamina • Improving core strength • Practicing balancing techniques

In addition, taking steps to ensure that you are getting a full night of rest, that you are exercising regularly, and that you are eating a healthy diet are all strong components to ensuring you are well-balanced. It’s Never Too Late. You don’t need to grow up as an athlete to enjoy exercise as an adult. There is no point in your life where it is too late to start being more active than you currently are. There are plenty of ways to incorporate light activity into your lifestyle, such as: • Taking a walk in the evening with your family • Wearing a pedometer and trying to take more steps every day • Joining your local community center and using the pool to swim laps several times a week • Engaging in light weight training at home before work • Taking a yoga class Theseare justseveralexamplesofhowyoucould incorporatemoreactivity into your lifestyle without making many large changes to your way of life. If you feel that your physical health or an old injury is holding you back from being active, contact us. Working with a physical therapist can help you achieve improved balance and a healthy lifestyle.

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Ting and Kathie went on vacation in February and were gone during Ting’s birthday. While they were gone, the employees decided that he needed some balloons to celebrate his birthday! They came back to their office being filled with over 100 balloons!! Ting just laughed and went to work and all Kathie could think of was “...who is going to pop all of these balloons???? Me... it was me ....and I didn’t want to scare our patients so I had to cut the tips/knots off of each one.” Happy Belated Birthday, Ting!




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“He provided me with quality care in a timely manner.” “Recently had a bout of BPPV (Vertigo) caused by displacement of crystals in the ear canal. Ting is very knowledgeable on the procedure to correct the problem. He provided me with quality care in a timely manner to remedy the condition. Ting is a great guy and I would highly recommend his services. Thank you to my friends at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center.” - Gary G.

Improve Balance In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing poor balance.

SINGLE LEG STANCE - FORWARD Stand on one leg and maintain your balance. Next, hold your leg out in front of your body. Then return to original position. Maintain a slightly bent knee on the stance side. Strengthens Balance www.simpleset.net


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