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Legal Compliance for Agents This is a key part of our service that we find many local, or non- specialist property web site developers are not even aware of. Because we come from and work inside the industry we understand the very specific legal requirements that you have to fulfil on your web site and we simply take care of them for you free of charge. Some examples of the legislation that your site needs to help you comply with are: -  Consumer Rights Act 2015  Companies Act 2013  Data Protection Act 1998  Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003  CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) Compliance for Lettings agents  Cookie legislation 2012

 EPC Regulations  Copyright Law

Unfortunately we see a great many sites that have been built by web developers who are not property web site specialists and who leave their clients exposed to tens of thousands of pounds of fines. We provide this valuable service free of charge as part of our site build process.


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