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COSTS 1 Based upon the above specification and functionality a bespoke designed site would work out as follows: - Item Description Cost Create bespoke design to deliver a responsive website as per specification.

Create HTML code to make the design function. Install database, connect feeds and customise. Build Home Page and master template files for the site.


Build Search Form, Thumbnails results page and full details page. Build Legal Pages (Terms/Privacy/CAP/Cookies/Consumer Rights Act) Anti-spam Treatment for website forms Google Map Results Infinite Scroll

Services Pages at £105 per page


Packages, Payments and Uploading Properties


Area Guides - £105 per area. Hornchurch one to start with

£105 £315

Offers, Blog & Contact pages

Login (depends upon which CRM system you use)




LICENCE AND HOSTING FEES On an ongoing basis we charge a license fee of £70 per month per branch for the database and software that sits inside your site and makes the properties searchable. This includes support, all data feeds and account management. We charge an annual fee of £120 for hosting of the site. We ask for no term longer than a 30-day notice period and are happiest knowing that we should do enough to make you want to stay, rather than locking you in to 1 or 2 year contracts


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