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Function & Form We care as much as you do that your site is beautiful and a great representation of your brand. We care just as passionately about function too. In fact the list of things that the visitor can do is the first thing that we will work with you to develop. This “specification” as we call it, is the cornerstone of a successful project. This defines the pages that will be in the site, the functions that the visitor can performon any of those pages, the customer journey, what the end points of each journey are, so that something positive happens for your business. When we know exactly what the site will contain we can then turn to the design and create visual layouts that enable easy navigation of all the key touches that were envisioned in the specification, on all sizes of device. Form always follows Function in this way to make sure that we prepare designs that work. Database whether entered manually or automatically via a feed from a third-party software supplier if required. This allows us to develop sophisticated but simple to use search methods which ensure that your visitors get to see the properties that they are looking for as quickly as possible. The same database system can send Email Alerts to registered applicants as soon as we know there is a listing that matches their requirements. It allows us to performautomated updates of the site several times a day, and on demand when you have an urgent need We will be able to connect to your property data through any desktop software that you use and automatically pull data updates into the site several times a day. Alternatively, you can manually add the properties and we can feed them to any portals you have an account with. Search Options We understand that every search could be being performed by a potential vendor or landlord and that you are competing for their business. So using our own agency backgrounds and many years and hundreds of sites’ worth of experience we have developed an array of powerful and user friendly search tools that go far beyond the minimum Min Price/Max Price, Location and Accommodation filters to give your users a great experience and the information they need. for a change. About Feeds Inside every site we install a copy of our database application that has been refined through use over 14 years and is used in over 1,000 websites. It is this database that contains all the property data,


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