LSMS | Regular Session ReCap | 2022

- Allowed a pharmacist to prescribe and dispense non-controlled prescription medications, prescription devices and durable medical equipment.

SB 329 was reported out of committee before being returned to the calendar on the Senate floor where it died upon adjournment. Sen. Regina Barrow offered SB 296 which allowed for pharmacist clinical services within Medicaid. Because of a very large fiscal note, the bill was dually referred to both Senate Health and Welfare and Senate Finance. Ultimately the bill died without receiving a hearing in Senate Finance. On the House side, Rep. Chris Turner brought HB 424 which would have allowed pharmacists, pharmacy interns and certified pharmacy technicians to give any immunization to any child over the age of seven. This bill was reported favorably from House Health and Welfare. It was brought up on the House floor for a vote where it failed to pass by 1 vote. Despite heavy lobbying from the chain pharmacies, we were successful in keeping the bill from being reconsidered. It remained on the House calendar and died at adjournment.


Nearly 40 anti-vaccination bills were filed in Louisiana this year. Due to the sheer volume of bills, we’ve provided a separate list . However, it is noteworthy to mention that for the first time, the words vaccine and criminal justice committee were used together. HB 54 by Rep. Larry Bagley would have criminalized anyone who asked vaccination status of persons seeking entry to any premises. This would have included everywhere from hospitals and physician offices to public properties to home-based businesses. The original penalties included both jail time and monetary fines. The legislation was amended throughout the process eventually being finally passed in a posture which: - Is limited to governmental entities and public educational institutions - Prohibits discharging an employee from employment within the above solely for refusing a COVID vaccine - Creates a liability for damages if an employee is discharged in violation of the statute - Provides an exemption for healthcare providers under federal mandates to ensure all employees are vaccinated as a condition of Medicare or Medicaid participation.

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