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Colorado Motorcycle Crashes Are on the Rise REAL LIFE STORIES FROM OUR CLIENTS

As many people enjoy the summer and warm weather, we see more of our families, friends, and neighbors hitting the streets to take their motorcycles out for a ride. Sadly, we may also see an inordinate percentage of them injured or killed when compared to vehicle crashes. Just recently, one of our clients, an avid motorcycle rider, Luis Gaytan Vizcarra, could have been killed due to a negligent driver’s careless behavior. Luis was enjoying a ride on his 2015 Yamaha R3 motorcycle in Fort Collins, oblivious to the fact that his life was in danger. As Luis approached a busy intersection in northeast Fort Collins, a GMC Sierra truck recklessly turned in front of oncoming traffic, colliding with a vehicle directly in front of Luis.

(Please see Luis’ own words in our “Clients Say It Best” section on Page 2.)

Another of our clients, William “Bill” Richards, understands to a degree what Luis went through. At 71 years old, Bill was fulfilling his dream of riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to as many destinations as possible in retirement. A passionate lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, Bill believes there is no truer feeling of freedom than getting a Harley out on the open road.

Coasting along at 15 mph in Greeley, Bill’s motorcycle was struck by a young woman

pulling away from the curb into traffic. Later, this driver would report to police that she just didn’t see our client, even though he was in plain sight. As the front of her vehicle struck Bill’s motorcycle, his bike caught on the car’s front bumper, ripping it off and flipping the bike and Bill onto the street. Bill was seriously injured and required multiple spinal surgeries. As a former Marine, Bill is not one to complain. But his pain never completely went away, even after several surgeries, and for the rest of his life, Bill will have to undergo pain management treatment. Although the insurance company fought hard, initially offering Bill a lowball settlement, VanMeveren Law Group rallied around and fought harder to get him the settlement he deserved.

Luis watched in horror as the negligently operated truck careened off one vehicle and spun out of control, violently hitting his motorcycle. Luis was thrown off his vehicle and over the hood of the spinning truck as his body flipped several feet in the air. His body flew over the truck, and Luis landed hard on the pavement. A witness at the scene described the incident as the worst motorcycle crash he had ever seen. This witness stated that when he saw Luis flying through the air, he was horrified, convinced he was about to see the rider die. Fortunately, Luis survived the impact and received good medical care for his injuries. While he kept a positive attitude throughout his recovery, Luis suffered serious injuries, and he and his family endured mental anguish resulting from the crash. If there is a silver lining to this story, it’s the bond Luis developed with VanMeveren Law Group and attorney Karl Hager. Karl couldn’t change what happened to Luis, but he came to his aid immediately, going the extra mile to get Luis everything he deserved in his personal injury settlement. VanMeveren Law Group prides itself on treating every client like family, and Karl stepped in to provide emotional encouragement and legal guidance when Luis needed it most.

Motorcyclists all ride for different reasons: the friendships they make, freedom of the open road, stress release, or improved physical and mental health achieved

during a ride. As motorcycle advocates, we understand that riding isn’t a hobby; it’s a passion. Hunter S. Thompson may have said it best when he stated, “Love is the feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle.” Please drive and ride defensively, and remember your motorcycle friends as you travel this summer.

–Bryan VanMeveren

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From a Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Our Clients Say It Best

The Most Important Advice

“Best choice I made is choosing VanMeveren Law Group! Karl made me feel as if my case is the only one they had. They are all amazing people who boosted my ability to keep my head held high when I just was not sure if I could anymore. He keeps in touch and didn’t miss a beat; he stayed on top of everything. Can’t say enough as to how much I truly appreciate their help and how I know I can count on them. Thank you for everything you do; the greatness your group represents means so much to me.” –Luis Gaytan

I get a lot of legal questions about motorcycle incidents, and it’s hard to answer all of them. The following pieces of advice are some of the best I can give you in newsletter format, but if you need more information, don’t hesitate to call me so we can talk further. Here are my top five pieces of advice: 1. Anyone who owns a motorcycle in Colorado should buy the absolute maximum they can afford in insurance. At minimum, you should have $250,000 UIM (underinsured motorist coverage) as part of your motorcycle

insurance policy. Why? Because motorcycle collisions are more likely to result in serious injury or death — 35 times more likely, in fact. If the at-fault driver has inadequate insurance coverage, this coverage will help with lost wages, pain and suffering, damages, and all economic and non-economic losses. If your insurance company offers additional coverage, consider adding an umbrella policy of $1 million for UIM on your motorcycle. 2. Get to know your policy, and don’t be fooled by insurance company jargon. If you don’t understand your policy, don’t be embarrassed to ask about your coverages. If your insurance agent can’t or won’t explain your coverage, switch insurance companies or call us. You are paying your insurance company for a valuable service, and you deserve to be treated with respect and have your questions answered. 3. Look at your medical bills. If you are injured in a motorcycle collision, don’t assume your medical bills are correct. In Colorado, you have a right to $5,000 in medical pay coverage, unless you waived it when you purchased your policy. This means the first $5,000 of your collision-related medical bills should be paid by your insurance company. Be on the lookout for improper billing. If you suspect improper billing or billing fraud, contact us immediately. 4. If you have lost a loved one in a fatality, please contact an experienced attorney. Sometimes the negligence of another party is obvious, and you can easily see where the fault lies. Even in those cases, there are so many aspects to consider: determining whether an estate should be created, estimating life expectancy, the value of damages, and financial support. Don’t go it alone with the insurance company. Of course, fault isn’t that clear sometimes, so it is best to seek the advice of a qualified attorney any time a fatality is involved. 5. Wear your helmet. It is illegal to ride without a helmet if you are under 18. Even if you are over 18, you should still wear a helmet. Helmets save lives, no matter how old you are.

–Leah S. Hopkins

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Get the Most Out of Your Cycle


SUDOKU Power sports are huge in Fort Collins. Between the Rockies and the range, there are so many good places to ride, so keeping your bike primed and ready to go means There’s nothing quite like a well-tuned motorcycle roaring under you as you fly down the highway (at a safe speed with all proper safety precautions taken, of course). The fine folks at Front Range Cycle are here to make sure that your motorcycle sounds and runs great, so you can get that sweet ride all year long. They know motorcycles and ATVs inside and out. They service most makes and models of motorcycles and ATVs, though if you have an unusual or older make, it’s always good to call ahead and check. Plus, they have a wide selection of parts and accessories, and if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, they can help you find it. Front Range Cycle is also a certified S&S Protune Center.

everything for your motorcycle and your safety. After all, a well taken care of bike is a safer bike. To learn more about Front Range Cycle, visit their website or their service center.

Front Range Cycle

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This delicious smoothie is packed with nutrients and flavor. It’s an easy, tasty way to get a dose of healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet.


• • •

1 cup coconut water 1/2 cup mango juice

• • • • • •

1/3 cup fresh cilantro, packed 1/2 cup frozen mango chunks

2 large Granny Smith apples, cored and chopped 2 cups romaine lettuce, packed 2/3 cup parsley leaves, packed

1/4 cup avocado

4 tsp fresh lemon juice

• •

1 tbsp turmeric 5 large ice cubes



In a blender, combine all ingredients, beginning with coconut water and mango juice.


Pour into glass and serve. Any leftovers will keep for up to 24 hours in the fridge


Blend on high until smooth.

Inspired by


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It’s a Race to the Peaches

This August in Fort Collins!

2019 Fort Collins Peach Festival Saturday, Aug. 17, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Washington Park and Civic Center Park

It’s time to indulge in all things peach once again. If it can be made with a peach, it’s probably at the festival, but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to find simple, fresh peaches. Admission to the fest is $5 (or free to anyone under 15), but you’ll need to buy special event tickets to use during the festival for specific items and events. This includes peach margaritas, peach pie, kid zone activities, mini-golf, and the peach pancake breakfast. Food trucks and restaurant booths will be accepting cash and card. It’s sure to be one delectable day. A full list can be found at the festival website, Peach Festival 5K Saturday, Aug. 17, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Washington Park What would the Peach Festival without the 5K? Before you chow down on peach cobbler, head out for the morning run. The 5K run and walk starts at 8:15 a.m., then at 9 a.m., it’s the Healthy Kids Fun Run. Everyone who participates in the race gets to join in the peach pancake breakfast for free, plus their entry into the Peach Festival is covered! You can read all the details and find registration at the race website,

FORTitude 10K Monday, Sept. 2, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Shields and Elizabeth Street, next to the Moby Arena

It’s another race! This time, it’s a 10K that meanders through much of Fort Collins before coming to an end at Sonny Lubick Field at Canvas Stadium. FORTitude is a newer spinoff of the BOLDERBoulder Memorial Day 10K Classic, which has taken place in Boulder for the last 40 years. You can learn all about FORTitude at You’ll find complete details about the event as well as how to register or volunteer for the event.

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