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Resident Communications Survey

To find out more about the unique needs of Housing Choices residents we are keen to find out how they use our communication channels. The Housing Choices resident survey was developed to capture your thoughts and insights on how you use our website, social media, and how frequently read the resident newsletter Home Stories. The information from the survey will help us to produce content that is relevant, interesting and engaging for all residents. The survey will be distributed to all Housing

Choices South Australia residents and will help us to continue with the work toward a national approach for our communications that meets the needs of all. Those who do not have internet, or smart phone access are able to submit a paper version of their survey responses via post. All survey responses will be anonymous and kept confidential. A summary of the results will appear in Home Stories following analysis of the resident feedback. Please send all survey responses back to us by 30 November 2022.

To submit the survey, via:


Remove this page of Home Stories, fill it out with a pen, and return to Housing Choices South Australia, using the reply paid self-enclosed envelope. (You can use the enclosed reply paid envelope to send back both this survey and the Christmas party RSVP form together.)


Online: Simply follow the URL provided here: https://www.surveymonkey. com/r/TM6PG62

What would you like to see more of on the website (select all that apply)? Understand more about my and Housing Choices rights and responsibilities Learn more about Housing Choices Resident stories News and updates about Housing Choices How I can be more involved in Housing Choices Community engagement opportunities Housing sector news Information related to Common Ground support such as case management setting, budgeting and advocacy. Options for people who require an interpreter (please specify)

What is your most common reason for visiting the website? Information about repairs and maintenance News and updates about Housing Choices Register a compliment or a complaint Understand our policies Other (please specify) Do you visit the Housing Choices website? Daily Weekly Monthly Every few months Never (skip to question 4)




Other (please specify)


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