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Chronicles of My Days in Nevada

on the other side. I crossed the stream and approached the waist-high fence to retrieve the ball. As I reached out to grab the fence to jump over, I felt a ZAP! It was electric! From that day on, the golf balls behind that fence were left to the cows. My dad was stationed in Nevada for several more years, and though we eventually gave up our golf endeavors, the community there treated us well. I made a lot of friends during that time in my life. Some went to the same college as I did, and I’m still in contact with a few. In fact, I’ll be visiting one of them with my son, Russell, when we go to New York. I’m looking forward to reconnecting and maybe drumming up a few more memories of my childhood in Nevada.

In fact, it worked out to be a doubly good deal for us. As we cleaned out the garbage, we collected all the aluminum cans tossed in there and turned them in for some extra pocket money.There was also a river — really a wide stream, but it felt bigger to us at that age — that ran through the golf course. It was fairly shallow — only about waist deep — and for one of the holes, your golf ball had to fly over the stream to get to the green on the other side. Many a ball would land in the stream, so my brother and I would wade into it and collect the stray balls.Then we’d sell them back to the golf course. For two kids willing to go in the river, that extra cash was well worth it. We did manage to get into a little trouble here and there.The property that bordered the golf course had cows, and the golf course allowed them to drink from the stream on their property. Well, we learned pretty quickly to let stray balls on that side of the fence stay where they were. One day, a ball went over, landing next to a cow

It seems like it was just yesterday that I played my first round of golf for the season, and now summer is almost over! Well, at least for the kids who have to get back to school — we’ll likely enjoy a couple more months of warm weather here in the Treasure Valley, and I’ll get a few more chances to shake the rust off my swing.That first game after some time off is never going to be the best, but it’s still fun. Getting out on the green took me back to my childhood and our years living in Nevada. We lived just down the road from a golf course, and my brother and I, with our young entrepreneurial minds, worked out a special deal with the owners. We would empty out the golf courses’ garbage cans and clean up the green, and in exchange, they let us golf for free. From age 9–12, I don’t think I ever paid for a golf game. It felt like a great deal to us, and it was probably better than the trouble two young restless boys without stimulation would find themselves in. For a couple summers, we did pretty well for ourselves.

–Dr. Elkins

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