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DeSoto City Lights October, 2016 A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department How Do You See DeSoto? Is DeSoto A Safe Community? Mayor CurƟstene McCowan, and Mayor Pro Tem Rachel Proctor are working with DeSoto Police Chief Joe Costa and City Manager Tarron Richardson, Ph.D. to gain informaƟon from our residents regarding police/community relaƟons. “Following the recent horrific killings of the five police officers in Dallas, the City Council and AdministraƟon iniƟated a series of community conversaƟons to raise awareness about current community programs and events sponsored by the DeSoto Police Department,” said DeSoto Mayor CurƟstene McCowan. “We wanted to provide opportuniƟes for ciƟzens to become engaged.”

A key strategy of these forums was to receive input from ciƟzens on how our police could improve the process of building relaƟonships and interacƟve partnerships in the community. In addiƟon to the public meeƟngs, an online ciƟzens survey was created. This survey is intended to provide a broader segment of our populaƟon the opportunity to provide feedback. As a City, we would like to know how you feel about safety and crime in your neighborhood, as well as in DeSoto in general. This includes places you shop, religious or public insƟtuƟons, or a local business district. Your neighborhood is the general area around your house where you might perform rouƟne tasks, such as shopping, going to the park, or visiƟng with neighbors. “The ciƟzens survey is an important tool to help us assess and strengthen community policing in our City,” commented Mayor McCowan. “We sincerely appreciate residents who have taken the Ɵme to complete and return the survey,” said Mayor McCowan. “If you have not, please do so today.”

To complete the online survey, please go to the City of DeSoto website at and scroll down on the homepage to the News & Announcements secƟon. You’ll see a link with the picture at right that will take you to the online survey.

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