Bison Trail - March & April 2018


March & April 2018

Bison Discussion Series 2018 by Mike Ludwick, Chief Administrative Officer

1) select the right freight to haul for our network, 2) execute that freight with a high-level of service at optimal efficiency, and 3) ensure our transportation rates appropriately reflect the increased cost of transportation in today’s marketplace. Spotlight #3: Boost Productivity Change takes work and there are often resistors or obstacles. That’s what makes it difficult and necessary… and rewarding. We want you looking for places to improve productivity and bringing forth ideas that set us apart from our competitors. We’ve seen great examples and know you have more to offer. Don’t Forget the Fundamentals Use these strategies to start conversations in your departments, break rooms, and yards. But don’t forget the fundamentals. Bison is respected in our industry for safety, execution, reliability, service, and innovation, and will continue to maintain that reputation in the years ahead. Growth: It’s the 4th Spotlight In 2015, our goal was to grow 50 per cent by 2020. Soft markets put us behind, but sustainable growth is the path to prosperity. Our consistent results have earned us the reputation as a “tier 1” company. We leveraged our core trucking service to grow our Logistics, LTL, Intermodal, LCV, Reefer, Expedited, Regional, and Warehousing services. Today, asset trucking is approximately 70 per cent of our revenue. Tomorrow, can we leverage ourselves to grow more of our non-asset services? We Can’t Relax! Our results and reputation have been built by our Bison family. We hope to give you new ideas about how to put yourself in the spotlight and help us earn our reputation as the most successful company in the industry. Share ideas, experiment with changes and most of all, execute. This is what makes us the best of the best! ;

We’ve just experienced two challenging years in the freight markets. Rates stagnated while major costs in trucking went up. The industry reported weaker margins and our results didn’t meet expectations but our business performed better than most and we remain successful, sustainable, healthy and growing. We Are Optimistic Markets are improving and we are seeing a growing demand for trucking. This year, our goal is to engage with our customers, select great work for our Drivers at appropriate rates, and provide the service our customers have come to expect from us. For 2018, we’ve outlined three strategies to ensure our entire organization is focused on the same goals. Spotlight #1: Elevate Our Driver Program When we think of a Driver program, we often think of recruiting. But it is bigger than adding Drivers to our company. Everything from maintenance to payroll to technology and safety affect whether or Freight markets are a complicated network of head-haul, back-haul, empty miles, demand, and capacity. These variables are always changing to some degree. With the introduction of new ELD regulations in December 2017, along with strong market demand, a perfect storm has resulted in significant increases in the cost of transportation services, particularly on cross-border freight movements. A key strategy for 2018 is to work with our customers to: not Bison is the best place for Drivers. Spotlight #2: Customer Engagement

Bison Transport 10-Time Grand-Prize Winner of the TCA National Fleet Safety Award and 7-Time Winner of the ATA Safe Fleet Award. 10

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