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“It’s time to get up!” With those words from Dad and a shake of my leg, this 8-year-old boy who hated getting up sat straight up in bed and threw off the covers. This was no ordinary morning! This was the day we left for Michigan and celebrated Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. It could very well have been 10 degrees above or maybe even 10 below zero outside, but the frigid South Dakota temperature dampened my excitement not one bit. With a last listen to the radio’s weather report, we we were on the road before the sun came up. and before school started at the end of August. Each year, Christmas was spent at home or with South Dakota relatives on Dad’s side of the family. This Christmas — oh boy! — we would be with all eight aunts and uncles and every cousin on Mom’s side of the family! I could barely contain myself. Being cooped up in the back seat of the car with my brother was not too high a price to pay for what lay ahead. Pictures in the family photo album guide my memories of that time. The Christmas tree had a lot of tinsel, along with a whole passel of cute little cousins posed around. I have no memory of the presents I received, but the experience of my extended family being together imprinted lifelong memories in my mind. The next time that many Connor aunts, uncles, and cousins were together was probably at Grandma’s memorial service 25 years later. What happened on the trip back home was pretty memorable as well. Long before the days of following storms in real-time using weather radar on cellphones, we were heading west on Interstate 80 into central Iowa. (They’re not called “freeways” in the Midwest. Call it “The 80,” and you will get all kinds of funny looks.) Suddenly, we ran into a heavy snowstorm— a bona fide blizzard. Monster snowflakes fell so heavily that the reflection of the headlights was blinding. Dad’s plan to drive through the night changed to getting straight to the nearest motel as soon as possible. Every other year, we would make the 900-mile trip in the summer, after the grain and alfalfa harvests were finished

As Dad followed truck tracks up the off-ramp, I remember hearing and feeling the bottom of the car drag in the snow. Another couple of inches and we would be stuck where we sat on the road! Street lights shined on snow so deep there were no streets and ditches. There was just a smooth white blanket over everything. It would’ve been so beautiful under other circumstances! Dad guessed the reflector posts correctly and took the driveway into the motel parking lot instead of burying us in the ditch. I don’t remember Mom saying too much then. She may have been too scared, or she was wise to know Dad needed to concentrate. This was just more excitement for me! Fun mixed with a little apprehension. But it was all okay, because Dad had everything under control. Newton, Iowa, gave us its last motel room, and we spent a safe and comfortable night there. The next morning broke bright blue and blinding as the sun made a brilliant crystal of the new snow. After a restaurant’s pancake breakfast — it doesn’t get much better than that — we proceeded on past semis and cars in the ditches and made our way over the remaining 400 uneventful miles home. For me, it was one of the greatest experiences of my short life. For Dad and Mom, they had all the stress and expense! Only as I grew older and became a parent myself could I truly gain an understanding and appreciation of what it took for my parents to provide me with such an experience. We long to relive the pure, unalloyed joy-filled moments of childhood. Life teaches that pleasure and stress, joy and pain, must usually be taken together. This Christmas, my prayer is that you experience God’s grace to redeem pain and experience more joy than stress.

Christmas Blessings,

–Lyn Thomas


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STOP DONATING TO SCAMMERS How to Spot Fraud This Holiday Season

You may have already seen the 2019 updates, but we’d like to make sure you have them. The Medicare Part B Premium for most beneficiaries will increase from $134.00 per month to $135.50 in 2019 because Social Security is giving a small(2.8%) Cost of Living Adjustment(COLA). Some who have been in Medicare for several years may still be paying a bit less in 2019 for Part B. Those were “held harmless” a few years ago when Social Security did not give a COLA but Medicare did raise the Part B premium. Everyone else will pay the new amount. Other 2019 Medicare numbers include the following: THE MEDICARE NUMBERS for 2019






Part A Hospital Deductible, days 1-60 Part A Hospital copay, days 61-90 Part A Hospital copay, days 91-150 Part A Skilled Nursing(Inpatient) Coinsurance Other Part A benefits, In-Home Skilled Nursing and Hospice

During the season of giving, charities receive a much-needed rush of donations as people open their hearts to others. Unfortunately, criminals are all too willing to abuse this goodwill. According to a report from the Justice Department, Americans over the age of 60 lose over $3 billion a year to scams and fraudsters. As charity scams reach their peak, here’s what you need to do to ensure your donations aren’t lining the pockets of criminals. NEVER GIVE BY PHONE OR EMAIL. Charities regularly reach out to past and potential donors through traditional mail, email, phone calls, or text messages. This means fraudsters will mimic their approach with less noble intentions. Because it’s impossible to determine who is on the other end of a call or email, you should never hand over your credit card information to strangers. If you really are speaking to a representative from a legitimate charity, they will direct you to a secure avenue where you can give without worry. FEELING PRESSURED? WALK AWAY. A lot of charities set goals they want to reach before the new year, but even groups that are hoping to raise a certain amount of money know better than to pressure donors into giving. Donations should always come from the heart, and it’s a bad sign if someone insists there’s a deadline for giving. As the Better Business Bureau says, “Responsible organizations will welcome your gift tomorrow as much as they do today.” ONLY GIVE TO REPUTABLE CHARITIES. Do some research before donating to charities. Look up any prospective charity on Charity Navigator at CharityNavigator. org. This service flags “high concern” organizations suspected of fraud and ranks how reliable established charities are. Even legitimate organizations can be misleading about how they spend their donations. A good rule of thumb is to avoid organizations that spend more than 25 percent of donations on salaries or administrative costs. There are many amazing charities and organizations that do good work. Stay vigilant to make sure you are bringing joy to the world and not falling for a criminal looking to make a quick buck.

$341 per day

$335 per day

$682 per day

$670 per day

$0 days 1-20 $170.50 days 21-100

$0 days 1-20 $167.50 days 21-100





Part B Annual Deductible



Part B Coinsurance for other physician and out-patient services

For those with MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT POLICIES (and the associated age-rated premiums) these “gaps” or out-of-pocket costs are nearly or completely eliminated, depending on the Supplement plan. The Part D Prescription Drug Program is a separate purchase. For those with MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLANS (with premiums as low as $0 per month) these Medicare numbers are replaced with the copays offered by each plan for the year. In most cases, these copays are less than the above listed Original Medicare amounts, even $0. Network referrals are usually required. Further, Advantage plans have an Out-of-Pocket maximum limit, which Original Medicare does not have. The Part D Prescription Drug Program is usually a “built in” part of the Advantage plan. That’s 2019 in a nutshell. Never hesitate to call Lyndon Thomas Insurance with any questions about your plan.

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We Help You With Medicare.

A Huge Thank-You!

That’s a lot of fun! I recently instructed a client that her husband owed her a nice dinner out each month on all the premium dollars she was saving him! We don’t charge for consultations. We know that if we treat people the way we would like to be treated, the commissions will take care of themselves. This Christmas season, thank you, each of my clients, for the gift you have already given me — your trust.

It’s Christmastime, and I’d like to say thank you!

Many of my clients have already given me a tremendous Christmas gift. You have referred family members, friends, and coworkers to me for guidance and assistance with their Medicare needs. I deeply appreciate the trust you place in me by referring your friends and loved ones. I find real satisfaction in helping people with Medicare. To be sure, the accompanying commissions after business is done are enjoyed as well! There is true gratification in helping bring clarity and confidence in a time of change. For example, there are real differences in how to use Medicare. Using Medicare Advantage or using Original Medicare plus a supplement and a Part D prescription plan have very acute differences that are important to understand. The health care transition from employer coverage to Medicare often brings unexpected complexity at precisely the time when retirement preparations are already difficult enough. It’s not uncommon to find that we can save a client $50 a month or more on supplement and stand-alone prescription drug premiums.




• • •

4 cups beef stock

• • •

1 bone-in prime rib (6–7 pounds)

1 tablespoon fresh thyme, chopped Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

8 cloves garlic, thinly sliced

2 cups red wine


5. To make au jus, place roasting pan with drippings from roast over 2 burners on high. Add wine and scrape pan as liquid reduces. Add beef stock and cook until reduced by half. Finally, sprinkle in thyme. 6. Slice roast and serve topped with au jus.

1. 30 minutes before cooking, remove roast from fridge and let sit until it reaches room temperature. 2. Heat oven to 350 F. 3. Make small slits in prime rib and stuff with slices of garlic. Liberally season with salt and pepper. 4. Place a rack inside a roasting pan and roast prime rib for 2 hours, until medium-rare.

Inspired by The New York Times


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A Memory of Christmas Past

Scammed for the Holidays


A Huge Thank-You!

Holiday Roast Prime Rib

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With Less Sugar This Holiday Season


in sugar and calories, but the fiber and vitamins make fruit much healthier than just about any other sugary treat.

Cookies, cakes, and pies, oh my! The holiday season is brimming with sweet treats of all kinds. Sometimes it can feel like candy and sugary desserts are around every corner, and yet you still want to indulge. However, when you consider that over 50 percent of Americans are insulin-resistant, prediabetic, or diabetic, that piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream starts to look more dangerous than appetizing. During the holidays, how can you satisfy your sweet tooth without worrying about consuming excessive sugar and calories? Skip the candy and go for the fruits and nuts. Keeping a bowl of fruit and nuts nearby can help keep sugar cravings at bay. Dried fruits, such as cranberries, pineapple, or apricots, are both sweet and nutritious. Just be sure to check the packaging for added sugars. You can even make your own dried fruit with a food dehydrator. This way, you are completely in control of the ingredients. No matter what you do, just be mindful not to overindulge. Dried fruit is high

Another way to cut down on your sugar intake is to use dark chocolate in all your chocolate-based treats. Dark chocolate has about half as much sugar as milk chocolate, twice as much healthy fat, less cholesterol, 4–5 times more iron, twice as much potassium, fewer carbs, and more flavonoids and theobromine. The antioxidant properties of the theobromine and flavonoids make dark chocolate as good for your heart as it is for your soul. If you have a recipe that calls for chocolate, reach for the dark stuff, whether it’s dark chocolate chips, cocoa powder, or baking chocolate. While it may seem as though everyone and their grandma is overindulging in sugar this season, know that you have the choice to opt for healthier sweets. And come New Year’s, you won’t have to spend the first few months of 2019 working off that extra cookie weight.


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