Altitude PT April 2019

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APRIL 2019


There’s a tough reality to physical therapy that we have to acknowledge: No one really wants to be in therapy. Our patients have experienced something that is stopping them from doing activities they enjoy. Whether they’re recovering post-surgery or trying to ease the pain of an injury, we recognize that recovery is rarely fun. Our challenge, then, is to make it fun. The nature of therapy is such that our patients are usually missing out on something they enjoy doing by being here. In response, we strive to make our clinics fun, welcoming places to be. Our patients deserve to feel comfortable and at ease during what can otherwise be an uncomfortable, or even painful, point in their lives. After their first session, we want to give them something to look forward to when they return. At every clinic, we have a “bucket of fun” — a big bucket filled with rackets, balls, paddles, mitts, and anything we can use to simulate the activity they’re missing out on. We play plenty of games

throughout the day and are always looking for new ways to make PT more enjoyable. We come up with silly contests — from balancing exercises on different objects to nerf gun wars — to incorporate play into the day. Honestly, it’s as much for us as it is for patients; we’d get bored going through the same exercises all the time. Games and silly activities keep things fun and engaging for everyone. You’ve probably seen us get goofy with themed costumes for Halloween, and we always look forward to interacting with our patients and our community through activities like Run Club. Having a team of fun-loving people to work alongside makes my fun-centric goal much easier. It’s a quality I look for when I’m hiring a new team member. I always try to draw out that side of a person to see if they are going to thrive in our culture. Asking fun questions takes some of the formality out of the interview process and allows an individual’s personality to shine through a bit more. Having a fun and enthusiastic team makes

it more exciting to be here, and it’s important that we cultivate that experience for our patients.

A big part of our role is centered around giving our patients hope. People walk through our doors afraid they might never be able to do their favorite sport or workout again. We’re here to return their confidence and help them have fun while they’re at it. So much of physical therapy is mental; our job is to help our patients believe that they will recover and return to their favorite activities. In general, smiling and being optimistic go a long way in making people feel like there’s hope. When we made the choice to enter this profession, we made a commitment to giving hope and showing our patients what’s possible on the other side of PT. We’re putting the fun back into therapy, one person at a time. I’m grateful I get to do that every day — and have fun while I’m doing it. –Sean Weatherston

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