CCAC College Central Network for Students, Alumni & Community Members CCAC College Central Network ( Registering on CCAC College Central Network will enable you to view all full-time and part-time positions, co-op opportunities and internships submitted to CCAC. You must have an email account to register. Enrolled students may obtain an email address through Information Technology Services (ITS), or free email accounts are available from numerous online sources. Be sure that your email address is professional. After you register, list your College Central login information: User ID_________________________________ Password________________________________ It is recommended you keep a list of all user IDs and passwords used during your job search in a secure location. Uploading a Resume on CCAC College Central Network Uploading your resume on this network will enable you to forward it directly to employers that utilize this feature. Some employers accept resume submissions directly to their CCAC College Central Network account. It is strongly recommended that you have your resume approved by a Career Services professional prior to uploading. After your resume is approved, it will be available to employers.

The following suggestions will help you plan your time for an efficient job search: • Plan and start your search as soon as you know you will need to find a new job. • Make your job hunting a full-time project. You work a 40-hour week for an employer; you should work no less for yourself. • Tell all friends, family and professional acquaintances that you are looking for a job in your career field. • Be prepared to provide a resume that is updated and accurately reflects your job search goals, education, skills and qualifications that you have to offer an employer each time you apply for a position. • Keep track of your contacts, including who and when you had contact. • Prepare your 30-second “elevator speech” for the kind of work you are seeking. • Manage your online image by creating a LinkedIn account or similar account and review your social media presence to ensure you have a professional image. • Before approaching an employer, research the company, products, services, job openings,

financials and locations thoroughly. • Respond to leads as soon as possible. CCAC Career Services Online

This site will give access to resources that will assist in your job search. Enter Career Services in the search box and you will be directed to the related information.

2 CCAC Job Search Manual

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