Suit and Tuxedo Rental ECatalog

DECO Vest and Tie Collection by LarrBrio eurostile ext Deco fullback vests for Men and Boys have matching material front and back and working pockets. Plus men’s Small - 5XL available in longs! Whether you want to match his tuxedo or suit or handsomely complement his more casual look, the Deco vest is a great fashion statement.

Heather Vest VDHG Bow Tie TDHG Spun Solid Windsor WDHG P.S. QDHG Matches Heather Grey Style 264M

Smoke Grey Vest VDSG Bow Tie TDSG Spun Solid Windsor WDSG P.S. QDSG Matches Grey Styles 289M & 300M

Tan Vest VDTN Bow Tie TDTN Spun Solid Windsor WDTN P.S. QDTN

Steel Grey Vest VDST Bow Tie TDST Spun Solid Windsor WDST P.S. QDST Matches Steel Grey Style 265M

Navy Vest VDNY Bow Tie TDNY Spun Solid Windsor WDNY P.S. QDNY Matches Navy Styles 237M, 238M & 250M

Ivory Vest VDIV Bow Tie TDIV Spun Solid Windsor WDIV P.S. QDIV

Black Vest VDBK Bow Tie TDBK Spun Solid Windsor WDBK P.S. QDBK

White Vest VDWT Bow Tie TDWT Spun Solid Windsor WDWT P.S. QDWT


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