Suit and Tuxedo Rental ECatalog

MODERN SOLID Vest and Tie Collection by LarrBrio eurostile ext

WA115 Windsor TA115 Bow Tie QA115 P.S.

TP115 Bow Tie QP115 P.S.

WO115 Windsor QO115 P.S.

WO208 Windsor QO208 P.S.

Marine VS115 - Vest

TK115 Bow Tie QK115 P.S.

WS115 - Windsor TS115 - Bow Tie QS115 - P.S. SUS115 - Suspender

WA108 Windsor TA108 Bow Tie QA108 P.S.

TP108 Bow Tie QP108 P.S.

WO108 Windsor QO108 P.S.

WDY108 Windsor

TK108 Bow Tie QK108 P.S.

Royal Blue VS108 - Vest

WS108 - Windsor TS108 - Bow Tie QS108 - P.S. SUS108 - Suspender

TP223 Bow Tie QP223 P.S.

Cobalt Blue VS208 - Vest

Periwinkle VS223 - Vest

Cornflower VS133 - Vest WS133 - Windsor TS133 - Bow Tie QS133 - P.S.

WS208 - Windsor TS208 - Bow Tie QS208 - P.S. SUS208 - Suspender

WS223 - Windsor TS223 - Bow Tie QS223 - P.S.

Fashion Note : Step out in style wearing this modern fitting vest with its distinctive matching striped back.

WA240 Windsor TA240 Bow Tie QA240 P.S.

WO107 Windsor QO107 P.S.

WDY107 Windsor

WO144 Windsor QO144 P.S.

Light Blue VS107 - Vest WS107 - Windsor TS107 - Bow Tie QS107 - P.S.

Blue Box VS240 - Vest WS240 - Windsor TS240 - Bow Tie QS240 - P.S.

WA140 Windsor TA140 Bow Tie QA140 P.S.

WO140 Windsor QO140 P.S.

WDY144 Windsor

WO220 Windsor QO220 P.S.

Oasis VS220 - Vest

Pool VS140 - Vest

WS220 - Windsor TS220 - Bow Tie QS220 - P.S. SUS220 - Suspender

WS140 - Windsor TS140 - Bow Tie QS140 - P.S. SUS140 - Suspender

WA111 Windsor TA111 Bow Tie QA111 P.S.

TP161 Bow Tie QP161 P.S.

WO134 Windsor QO134 P.S.

WDY178 Windsor

WDY161 Windsor

TK161 Bow Tie QK161 P.S.

Jade VS134 - Vest WS134 - Windsor TS134 - Bow Tie QS134 - P.S.

Light Mint VS161 - Vest

WS161 - Windsor TS161 - Bow Tie QS161 - P.S. SUS161 - Suspender


Images of accessory colors may vary. Please request to view an actual fabric swatch at this professional retailer.

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