Suit and Tuxedo ECatalog 2023 MFWtux

MODERN SOLID Vest and Tie Collection by LarrBrio eurostile ext

WDY236 Windsor

TK237 Bow Tie QK237 P.S.

Petal VS237 - Vest

WA251 Windsor TA251 Bow Tie QA251 P.S.

WO226 Windsor QO226 P.S.

WO126 Windsor QO126 P.S.

WA126 Windsor TA126 Bow Tie QA126 P.S.

Nude VS251 - Vest WS251 - Windsor TS251 - Bow Tie QS251 - P.S.

Biscotti VS152 - Vest WS152 - Windsor TS152 - Bow Tie QS152 - P.S.

WS237 - Windsor TS237 - Bow Tie QS237 - P.S. SUS237 - Suspender

TK235 Bow Tie QK235 P.S.

WO159 Windsor QO159 P.S.

WA235 Windsor TA235 Bow Tie QA235 P.S.

WO136 Windsor QO136 P.S.

Bubble Gum VS141 - Vest WS141 - Windsor TS141 - Bow Tie QS141 - P.S.

Petunia VS241 - Vest

Begonia VS268 - Vest WS268 - Windsor TS268 - Bow Tie QS268 - P.S.

Pink VS235 - Vest

WS241 - Windsor TS241 - Bow Tie QS241 - P.S.

WS235 - Windsor TS235 - Bow Tie QS235 - P.S. SUS235 - Suspender

TP238 Bow Tie QP238 P.S.

WO238 Windsor QO238 P.S.

WDY238 Windsor

TK238 Bow Tie QK238 P.S.

Bright Fuchsia VS238 - Vest

WS238 - Windsor TS238 - Bow Tie QS238 - P.S. SUS238 - Suspender

WA104 Windsor TA104 Bow Tie QA104 P.S.

WO404 Windsor QO404 P.S.

TP404 Bow Tie QP404 P.S.

TK104 Bow Tie QK104 P.S.

Ruby/Valentina VS104 - Vest WS104 - Windsor TS104 - Bow Tie QS104 - P.S. SUS104 - Suspender

WA104 Windsor TA104 Bow Tie QA104 P.S.

Ferrari Red VS404 - Vest

WS404 - Windsor TS404 - Bow Tie QS404 - P.S. SUS404 - Suspender

WA118 Windsor TA118 Bow Tie QA118 P.S.

WO118 Windsor QO118 P.S.

TP118 Bow Tie QP118 P.S.

TK118 Bow Tie QK118 P.S.

WO103 Windsor QO103 P.S.

TP103 Bow Tie QP103 P.S.

Wine VS118 - Vest

Apple Red VS103 - Vest

WS118 - Windsor TS118 - Bow Tie QS118 - P.S. SUS118 - Suspender

WS103 - Windsor TS103 - Bow Tie QS103 - P.S. SUS103 - Suspender


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