Suit and Tuxedo Rental ECatalog

VERTICAL Vest and Tie Collection by LarrBrio eurostile ext

WO136 Ombre Windsor

WO238 Ombre Windsor

WM138M Multi Stripe

WO135 Ombre Windsor

Pearl Pink / Blush VR136 - Vest TR136 - Bow Tie QR136 - P.S. SUR136- Suspender

Bright Fuchsia VR238 - Vest TR238 - Bow Tie QR238 - P.S. SUR238- Suspender

Fuchsia Metallic VR138M - Vest TR138M- Bow Tie QR138M - P.S. SUR138M- Suspender

Candy Pink VR135 - Vest TR135- Bow Tie QR135 - P.S. SUR135- Suspender


QO136 - P.S.

QO238 - P.S.

QM138M - P.S.

QO135 - P.S.


WO138 Ombre Windsor


WO149 Ombre Windsor

WO128 Ombre Windsor

Persian Plum VR149 - Vest TR149 - Bow Tie QR149 - P.S. SUR149- Suspender


WO110 Ombre Windsor


VR138 - Vest TR138 - Bow Tie QR138 - P.S. SUR138- Suspender

VR128 - Vest TR128 - Bow Tie QR128 - P.S. SUR128- Suspender

VR110 - Vest TR110 - Bow Tie QR110 - P.S. SUR110- Suspender

QO138 - P.S.

QO149 - P.S.

QO128 - P.S.

QO110 - P.S.

WO257 Ombre Windsor

WO229 Ombre Windsor

Victorian Lilac VR257 - Vest TR257 - Bow Tie QR257 - P.S.

WM128M Multi Stripe

Amethyst VR229 - Vest TR229 - Bow Tie QR229 - P.S. SUR229- Suspender

WO172 Ombre Windsor

Purple Metallic VR128M - Vest TR128M - Bow Tie QR128M - P.S. SUR128M- Suspender


VR172 - Vest TR172 - Bow Tie QR172 - P.S.


QO257 - P.S.

QO229 - P.S.

QM128M - P.S

QO172 - P.S.

WO228 Ombre Windsor

WO127 Ombre Windsor

WO227 Ombre Windsor

Purple Storm VR228 - Vest TR228 - Bow Tie QR228 - P.S. SUR228- Suspender

Lavender VR127 - Vest TR127 - Bow Tie QR127 - P.S. SUR127- Suspender


WO150 Ombre Windsor


VR227 - Vest TR227 - Bow Tie QR227 - P.S. SUR227- Suspender

VR150 - Vest TR150 - Bow Tie QR150 - P.S.

QO228 - P.S.

QO127 - P.S.

QO227 - P.S.

Q0150 - P.S.

WO108 Ombre Windsor

WO215 Ombre Windsor

WO208 Ombre Windsor

WM108M Multi Stripe

Royal Blue VR108- Vest TR108 - Bow Tie QR108 - P.S. SUR108- Suspender


Sapphire VR208 - Vest TR208 - Bow Tie QR208 - P.S.

Royal Blue Metallic VR108M - Vest TR108M - Bow Tie QR108M - P.S. SUR108M- Suspender

VR215 - Vest TR215 - Bow Tie QR215 - P.S. SUR215- Suspender


QO108 - P.S.

QO215 - P.S.

QO208 - P.S.

QM108M - P.S.

Images of accessory colors may vary. Please request to view an actual fabric swatch at this professional retailer. 116

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