Suit and Tuxedo ECatalog 2023 MFWtux

VERTICAL Vest and Tie Collection by

LarrBrio eurostile ext

WO144 Ombre Windsor

WO146 Ombre Windsor

WO111 Ombre Windsor

Turquoise VR144 - Vest TR144 - Bow Tie QR144 - P.S.


Aqua Marine VR111 - Vest TR111 - Bow Tie QR111 - P.S. SUR111- Suspender

WO244 Ombre Windsor

Blue Ice

VR146 - Vest TR146- Bow Tie QR146 - P.S.

VR244 - Vest TR244 - Bow Tie QR244 - P.S. SUR244- Suspender

QO144 - P.S.

QO146 - P.S.

QO111 - P.S.

QO244 - P.S.

WO147 Ombre Windsor

Dark Peacock VR147- Vest TR147 - Bow Tie QR147 - P.S.

WM111M Multi Stripe

WO145 Ombre Windsor

WO133 Ombre Windsor

Teal Metallic VR111M - Vest TR111M- Bow Tie QR111M - P.S. SUR111M- Suspender

Marine Blue VR145 - Vest TR145 - Bow Tie QR145 - P.S.

Cornflower VR133 - Vest TR133 - Bow Tie QR133 - P.S.


QO147 - P.S.

QM111M - P.S.

QO145 - P.S.

QO133 - P.S.

WO220 Ombre Windsor

WO161 Ombre Windsor

WO143 Ombre Windsor

WO148 Ombre Windsor





VR220 - Vest TR220 - Bow Tie QR220 - P.S. SUR220- Suspender

VR161 - Vest TR161 - Bow Tie QR161 - P.S. SUR161- Suspender

VR143 - Vest TR143 - Bow Tie QR143 - P.S. SUR143- Suspender

VR148 - Vest TR148 - Bow Tie QR148 - P.S. SUR148- Suspender

QO220 - P.S.

QO161 - P.S.

QO143 - P.S.

QO148 - P.S.

WO157 Ombre Windsor

WO139 Ombre Windsor

Sunbeam VR157 - Vest TR157 - Bow Tie QR157 - P.S. SUR157- Suspender


WO130 Ombre Windsor

Dark Latte VR505 - Vest TR505 - Bow Tie QR505 - P.S.

VR139 - Vest TR139 - Bow Tie QR139 - P.S.

QO157 - P.S.

QO139 - P.S.

QO130 - P.S.

Images of accessory colors may vary. Please request to view an actual fabric swatch at this professional retailer. 126

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