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TUXEDO AND SUIT RENTAL 2024 Index and Price Guide



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286M David Major Stretch Platinum Suit 265M Kenneth Cole Steel Grey Barrow Tuxedo Kenneth Cole Steel Grey Barrow Tuxedo 264M Kenneth Cole Heather Grey Lenox Tuxedo 300M IKE BEHAR Mid Grey Thomas Suit 289M IKE BEHAR Mid Grey Ezra Tuxedo 243M IKE BEHAR Charcoal Aiden Tuxedo 237M IKE BEHAR Navy Sebastian Tuxedo 250M IKE BEHAR Navy Collin Suit 238M IKE BEHAR Navy Blake Tuxedo 288M IKE BEHAR French Blue Dante Suit 251M IKE BEHAR Dusk Blue Lane Tuxedo 298M MOD Cinnamon Lorenzo Suit 282M IKE BEHAR Hunter Green Luka Suit 284M IKE BEHAR Tan Dominic Suit 283M IKE BEHAR Mid-Brown Archer Suit 239M IKE BEHAR Burgundy Marbella Tuxedo 281M IKE BEHAR Burgundy Liberty Suit

Wedding Suits & Tuxedos


303M IKE BEHAR Ivory Aragon Suit 301M IKE BEHAR White Aragon Suit

311M IKE BEHAR Ivory/Black Dawson Tuxedo 302M IKE BEHAR White/Black Dawson Tuxedo 287M MOD Ivory Austin Diamond Weave Tuxedo 279M MOD Black Austin Diamond Weave Tuxedo

290M IKE BEHAR Black Dante Suit 291M IKE BEHAR Black Tucker Tuxedo

310M MOD Black Double Breasted Winston Tuxedo

247M GiNovia Black Beckett Tuxedo

955M Couture 1910 Black Peak Tails Tuxedo 255M Couture 1910 Black Jasper Tuxedo 229M Couture 1910 Black Quincy Tuxedo 235T David Tutera Black Celebration Tuxedo 285M Couture 1910 Black Shawl Tuxedo


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213 Perry Ellis Black Tie Tuxedo

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305M MOD Lilac Aries Paisley Suit 304M MOD Hot Pink Aries Paisley Suit 292M MOD Quartz Aries Paisley Suit 293M MOD Wedgewood Aries Paisley Suit 307M MOD Black Aries Paisley Suit 306M MOD White/Silver Paisley Suit 270M MOD Royal Blue Starlight Lame’ Tuxedo

Prom / Fashion Suits & Tuxedos

267M MOD Hendrix Abstract Suit


271M MOD Gold Starlight Lame’ Tuxedo 272M MOD Silver Starlight Lame’ Tuxedo 308M MOD Champagne Cheetah Suit 309M MOD Marquis Black Weave Tuxedo 279M MOD Black Austin Diamond Weave Tuxedo 287M MOD Ivory Austin Diamond Weave Tuxedo 278M MOD Dylan Dragon Scale Faux Suede Suit 302M IKE BEHAR White/Black Dawson Tuxedo

294M MOD Black Anaconda Tuxedo 263M MOD Black Velvet Luxor Tuxedo

295M MOD Black Crushed Velvet Gotham Tuxedo 296M MOD Burgundy Velvet Luxor Tuxedo 297M MOD Evergreen Velvet Luxor Tuxedo 261M Couture 1910 Black and Blue Paisley Tuxedo 262M Couture 1910 Black and Red Paisley Tuxedo 260M Couture 1910 Black and Charcoal Paisley Tuxedo 274M MOD Black with Silver Splash Lame’ Tuxedo 275M MOD White with Silver Splash Lame’ Tuxedo 276M MOD Ivory with Gold Splash Lame’ Tuxedo 277M MOD Ryan Floral Faux Suede Suit 266U Kenneth Cole Black Parkerville Tuxedo 280L MOD Sophia Women’s Stretch Knit Tuxedo

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