Roll Through Report

Roll Through Report

Roll Through Report (Previously Known as the Inactive Roll Through Report)

Updated: November 16, 2021

Roll Through Report The Roll Through Report details the amount of energy (GJ) transferred from the Monthly Inventory accounts into a customer’s Daily Inventory account

A breakdown of the Roll Through is provided by meter and will identify Prior Period Adjustments (PPA’s) if applicable.

The energy (GJ) rolling into the Daily Inventory Account happens at the end of the month, over a period of up to ten days (i.e. Nov. 21 – 30)

Once invoices have been finalized, the Roll Through Report will detail by day when the Roll Through will happened. The Invoicing dates are available on the TGL Website.


How to Find the Roll Through Report

In the Menu, select Reports and then Reports.


Select the Roll Through Report

STEP 2 In CAW Inventory find the Roll Through report (RPTGL_I13X). Click on to enter report parameters to run the Roll Through report.

STEP 1 Under Categories, click on CAW Inventory.

TIP Users can also use the Search bar to find report. Type “Roll” and the Roll Through report will appear as an option. Select the report.


Roll Through Report Parameters

STEP 3 Click

to enter an Accounting Month. This would typically be the previous month (November’s Roll Through is from the October Accounting Month). STEP 4 Click on the Accounting Month. For example, when looking for November’s Roll Through, select October.


Roll Through Report Parameters

STEP 5 Type in your Business Party number or click to search for it.

If searching for a Business Party number, this screen will appear. Select the desired Business Party number then select OK.


Roll Through Report Parameters

STEP 6 Select Execute.


Roll Through Report

Meters The report will break down the Roll Through by meter.


Roll Through Report

Prior Period Adjustment (PPA) True indicates if the roll through amount is a PPA

Roll Through Balance by Production Month A total Roll Through from each Production Month is provided. October’s total is +7,601 GJ, while September’s total is + 987 GJ from a PPA


Roll Through Report

Roll Through Balance The total roll through that will roll into Daily TEP account on the last ten or less days of the month. This section of the report will be updated only once all invoicing has been processed and verified (around the 20 th of the month). It will break down how the Roll Through will roll into the Daily Shipper Account by day.


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