Poptropica English Islands Level 1 Unit Overview

3 My family

Unit objective

• Can talk about my family


Family: mum, dad, brother, sister, granny, grandad, friend, family Occupations: vet, pilot, doctor, dancer, cook, farmer, dentist, artist, teacher

Target vocabulary

This is my brother/sister.

How old is he/she? He’s/She’s nine.

Target structures

Is he/she a vet? Yes, he/she is. / No, he/she isn’t. She’s a cook.


How old are you? I’m… What’s this? It’s a…


Is it a… ? Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t. My/His/Her name’s…

Receptive language

This is my (mum). Who’s this?

I’m glad.

CLIL: Art (Types of art): painting, collage, sculpture, drawing Wider World (Different families): baby

CLIL and Wider World language


Phonics • c, g, o (can, cap, cat, gas, dig, on, dog, top)

Cross-curricular contents • Arts and crafts: making flashcards , learning about different art styles, making a collage, drawing a picture of what you want to be • Music: songs and chant • Maths: using numbers to sequence • Language skills: asking and answering questions, following instructions, acting out a story, playing games Socio-cultural aspects • identifying and talking about families


• family • occupations • art

• working in pairs and groups • learning to share with others • telling your family you love them • learning about a family from a different part of the world Learning strategies • using previous knowledge • asking and answering questions • following instructions • logical thinking: deducing information from pictures • critical thinking: identifying and comparing • using art to express yourself • predicting the outcome of a story • understanding and identifying different types of art • reflecting on learning and self-evaluation • personalisation of language learnt • recording new vocabulary in a picture dictionary

Values • Love your family.

Songs and chants • Chant: This is my sister. • Quest song: Look for a photo. • Song: I’m at the airport. Stories and Quest • Unit opener: Waldo meets Harry’s family. • Story episode: Harry introduces his family. • Quest item: a photo


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