C.H. Brown - November 2022

3 SELLING STRATEGIES TO AVOID Or Your Potential Clients Will Avoid Your Business

Overpromising and Underdelivering Plenty of salespeople like to promise the world to their customers but there’s a limit to what they can actually offer. When salespeople overpromise, they are essentially lying, and it will come back to bite them. Customers don’t like being lied to and will be quick to share their experiences with others. A great way to avoid this is by offering a free trial so your customers can experience the product for themselves with no strings attached. They’ll know exactly what they’re buying, and

Have you ever walked into a business, talked to a salesperson, and left annoyed or angry? You may have even claimed that you would never return to the business again. It’s a situation that happens fairly often and proves certain sales strategies just don’t work. It’s important for business owners and salespeople to be aware of these strategies so they can avoid using them and upsetting their customers.

You want your customers to enjoy working with your business so they return or refer people to you. If you’re using the wrong strategy, you’ll miss out on referrals and repeat customers. Here are a few selling strategies to avoid in your business. Failing to Focus on the Customer’s Main Problem When a customer steps into your business to purchase a product or service, there’s a good chance they’re trying to find a solution to a particular problem. Many salespeople make the mistake of explaining the bells and whistles of their product or service instead of listening to the customer’s main concerns. When you can provide a solution to the customer’s problem, you will be much closer to making a sale.

you’ll be there to answer their questions and explain all the features and benefits without having to overpromise. Arguing With Customers Sometimes customers will respond to your product or service with unrealistic or unreasonable objections. Stay silent or ask questions to further understand where they’re coming from because if you start

arguing with a customer, you will lose the sale.

There’s no foolproof way to sell to everyone, but by avoiding the above selling strategies, you will have a better chance of closing more sales.

Add More Life to Your Work-Life Balance


One of the biggest concerns employers have with remote work revolves around employees finding distractions at home that will take their attention away from job duties. While this is certainly true for some remote workers, it doesn’t apply to everyone. Certain individuals will even be drawn back into work at home when they’re supposed to be spending time with their family or doing hobbies they enjoy. In fact, when remote workers don’t unplug from their work, they are much more likely to burn out. If you or your employees are currently working remotely, it’s important to establish a proper work-life balance. Here are three ways to include more personal time in your daily routine. Set boundaries. After you clock out for the day, it can be easy to get dragged back in if you get a text or email relating to your job. That’s why it’s important to set boundaries for yourself. Once you reach a certain time in the day, turn off your work phone or email. Set an alarm for yourself for a time when your work day comes to a close — and put everything away so you can focus on your home life.

Establish a workspace. Our environment can play a large role in how we feel each day. If you haven’t established a workspace in your home, you might struggle to separate work from home life. Think about it; if you work from your living room, you will probably find it more difficult to relax there later in the evening. You don’t have to turn an entire room into an office, but dedicating a corner as your workspace will come with benefits. Wear work attire. What we wear has an effect on how we feel. If you’re wearing sweatpants while you work, it can be difficult to unwind when you’re off the clock and wearing the same clothes. Switch it up and wear professional attire while you’re working. When the workday comes to a close, you can shed your work clothes for something comfier, which will help you relax and focus on what’s going on at home.



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