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CONFIGURATION Vertical close coupled electric motor driven

CONFIGURATION Consists of a number of ring section diffuser casings bolted suction & delivery casing

CONFIGURATION Horizontal electric motor or engine driven

CONFIGURATION Horizontal, vertical open shaft, vertical direct mounted electric motor or horizontal electric motor or engine driven DISCHARGE & PERFORMANCE 2.5 in to 12 in Outputs up to 15410 gpm Heads up to 984 ft FEATURES Axially split casing - rotating element can be removed without disturbing pipework High hydraulic efficiencies Double entry impellers reduce end thrust, increase efficiency & bearing life Shaft sleeves fitted as standard for soft packed pumps & an alternative for mechanical seals. Stainless steel shafts fitted as standard for mechanical seals 40 models. Module design for maximum interchangeability Grease lubrication Soft packing or mechanical seals Suitable for baseplate mounting with coupling Approved to LPCB, FM and/or UL standards In compliance with NFPA 20

DISCHARGE & PERFORMANCE CD Delivery 4 in to 5 in CD Outputs up to 2200 gpm CD Heads up to 870 psi (Fire app.) RKB Delivery 1.25 in to 1 in RKB Outputs up to 3742 gpm RKB Heads up to 2788 ft RKB for industrial applications Mechanical seal or gland packed Suction flange oriented left or right Vertical mounting Low NPSH Available as a canned or vertical turbine type arrangements Approved to LPCB, FM and/or UL standards, all of which are compliant to NFPA 20 FEATURES CD for fire applications

DISCHARGE & PERFORMANCE 1.25 in to 6 in Outputs up to 2220 gpm Heads up to 345 ft FEATURES Horizontal DIN 24255 Electric Motor 41 models Wide choice of materials Centreline discharge Back pull-out rotating element can be removed w/o disturbing pipe work Impellers cut to duty High interchangeability – (3) shaft modules cover the entire range Suitable for baseplate mounting with coupling Approved to LPCB, FM and/or UL Standards In compliance with NFPA 20 Used in pump as turbine applications

DISCHARGE & PERFORMANCE 1.5 in to 4 in Outputs up to 950 gpm Heads up to 213 ft

FEATURES Close coupled in-line design Simple installation and easy service back pull-out design Cost-effective solution


TEFC IE2 motors fitted as standard High interchangeability – rotating element will interchange with Eurostream Mechanical seal as standard Impellers cut to duty


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