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MAY 2020

Lessons Learned

Responding to COVID-19 and Creating Better Processes for Our Clients

As COVID-19 began sweeping its way across the Treasure Valley and the U.S., we had to respond swiftly here at MicroTech. I can remember hearing rumblings on March 12 about work-from-home needs. For the next few days, it was on our radar, but we were still operating like business as usual. We had a few days with a handful of requests from clients before everything erupted just two business days later. Client emails flooded in with the subject line “URGENT, URGENT, URGENT!” Internally, we quickly transferred to nearly all-remote work to protect our staff and their families. That’s the nature of our business — a chunk of it is already done remotely. So, we made adjustments quickly, came up with a contingency and safety plan for our guys in the field, and got to work.

needs, but like many businesses, we were blindsided by the intensity and rate at which changes related to COVID-19 affected us.

This reminds me of when the landscape of backing up files transformed. For years, backups were just considered off-site, and in the event some fire, flood, or natural disaster were to happen, then at least the off-site data would still exist and be protected. But the industry couldn’t have predicted how fast ransomware would grow, and hackers quickly traversed those tunnels. Off-site data backups were no longer enough! It was a big learning curve for us in the industry, and since making those adjustments, we are better for it. We now protect our clients from potentially devastating ransomware attacks, and we’re vigilant in taking action as these continue to change and grow. We regularly warn small- business owners and clients to take cybersecurity very seriously, too. Maybe COVID-19 is the same. Some people were sounding the alarm, but as we all learned, we were not globally prepared for this. However, since it did happen, we can be better prepared for something like it to happen again. (Let’s hope it doesn’t.) The reality is that this experience provided the kick needed for us to develop better business practices and increase our preparedness. Maybe we should have known, but I’m proud of our team and the way we responded. A special thank you to our clients for your patience and trust. I hope this newsletter finds you well, and if it doesn’t, let us know how we can help. We’re in this together.

And by work, I mean our noses were to the grindstone like never before.

We were forced into scramble mode. By Monday, our ticket queue had jumped by 60 tickets, and when the day ended, we had 60 more to get to. The requests were relentless. We would close 50 tickets, and another 30 would come in. We were swamped but grateful for our understanding and patient clients as we combed through the sea of requests. At the time of writing this cover, we are finally coming to the surface and have gotten most of our clients off-site and functioning. We breathed a huge sigh of relief, but we are still cautious.

As a business owner, I sit here and think, “Did we fall short on our responsibilities?” We pride ourselves on predicting our clients’

–Randy Amorebieta

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