Kenneth Woo DDS - May 2019

From Roommates to Business Partners



I’ve known Dr. Edmond Woo since 2006, when

longed for more of a challenge. I knew Edmond was working with his dad, Dr. Kenneth Woo, and I decided to ask if their practice needed an extra dentist for a few days each week. Turns out, that's exactly what they were looking for. So, I began working at Kenneth Woo, DDS, and by 2016, I was practicing with them full time. Eventually, my position grew to the point where Edmond felt comfortable enough to ask me to partner with him and his father, but I was a bit hesitant. I knew I wanted to be part of a team and that becoming a solo practitioner just wasn’t my calling, but I also wanted to make sure I was ready. By the end of 2016 and into 2017, I knew the time had come. In 2017, Kenneth Woo, DDS, transformed into Woo Wang Dental. The process to get where we are today has been incredibly stressful and rewarding, and I’m proud of our team for all their work. As we grow, I’m learning how to let changes happen organically, and I’m very excited to see how we continue to expand in the future, especially with the dedicated team we have. Admittedly, part of the stress of growing a partnership has included the vast changes in my personal life. Ester and I welcomed our son Braedon into our lives on April 15, 2017, and parenting has been an exciting learning curve. We’re looking forward to Braedon joining us on our adventures and getting back to exploring and hiking. While it’s nearly impossible with a toddler in tow to continue our passion of trying new foods at various restaurants, what we’re giving up is nothing compared to the joy Braedon gives us. As I continue to expand my expertise and develop Woo Wang Dental with Edmond and Kenneth, I’m also grateful for the patients who have trusted us during this process, especially since each one of you makes my dream a reality every day. And if you do confuse me for Dr. Edmond Woo, don’t worry too much. After 12 years of friendship, a few years living together, and now partnering in a practice, I know there’s no better person to be mistaken for.

he was one of my two roommates during dental school. For about three years,

we shared a living space, swapped notes and study tactics, and bonded

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over the stresses of dental school. And if you asked our professors, we sometimes seemed like the same person, too. Between being the same height and wearing glasses, our professors confused us all the time, and we still experience some confusion over who is who from people we haven't seen in a while. To this day, we continue to be great friends, and I’m often reminded of how much fun we had together in dental school. We were all pretty close, to the point where my other roommate and I used to joke with Edmond, asking if he could just hire us to work at his dad’s practice when we graduated. Prior to graduating dental school, Edmond and I were both placed in residency programs in New York City, so we continued to stay in touch. Once we graduated in 2010, I moved to Massachusetts with my wife, Ester, as she continued her studies in pediatric dentistry. We stayed in Massachusetts until 2015, when we decided that we wanted to return to Maryland. Having grown up in Gaithersburg, this area is special to me, and while my family has since moved to New Jersey, Ester and I originally spent some time It’s funny how life works out sometimes.

in Maryland to be closer to her family.

When we first returned to Maryland, I was working at another practice, but I


Enjoying some time with the team in between our dentistry seminars! •

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