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National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Fighting the Illness in Pensacola September is

This month, over 1,300 children and teens will be diagnosedwith some formof cancer. Shocking as it is, that number isn’t out of the ordinary. On average, 43 children are diagnosed with some formof cancer every single day. More than 10 percent of those children will lose their fight with the disease, and of the ones who survive, more than half will deal with issues like infertility, heart failure, and cancers during adulthood. Most people don’t know it, but cancer is a leading cause of death among children— coming in second to accidental deaths. We don’t think about childhood cancer often, which was why back in 2012 the president declared September National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The purpose was simply to get people thinking about this leading cause of mortality in Americans younger than 18. “This heartbreaking disease continues to scar families and communities in ways that may never fully heal,” the president wrote in the declaration. “This month, we remember the young lives taken too soon, stand

with the families facing childhood cancer today, and rededicate ourselves to combating this terrible illness.”

system tumors. These are not the cancers that most commonly develop in adults. It’s yet another mystery that makes childhood cancer a difficult illness to fight, whether you’re a young patient or a doctor dedicated to eradicating these cancers. In the face of these daily tragedies, we can raise awareness, participate in cancer fundraising, and donate to cancer charities. We can spend our ownmoney to support research into childhood cancers, helping to lift the shroud of mystery around these diseases and save thousands of lives in the process. There aremany organizations dedicated to eliminating childhood cancer. Start with the American Cancer Society and work outward. Alex’s Lemonade Stand is another great charity, one that has helped children right here in Pensacola. And you can always donate toys or time to the children at the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart.

Unlikemany adult cancers, which can often be linked to lifestyle, the cause of childhood cancer is often amystery. Children don’t smoke for decades, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, or engage in the other risky behaviors that are commonly associated with cancer. Furthermore, those behaviors can take decades to forma true cancer risk —decades that children simply haven’t had time to live. According to the American Cancer Society, some childhood cancers “may have outside causes like radiation exposure… or causes that have not yet been found.” But most childhood cancers are “random…without having an outside cause.” Cancer always seems completely senseless, but when that cancer strikes a child, it truly is senseless. Themost common cancers affecting children are leukemias, cancers of the blood that account for 30 percent of all childhood cases. Another 26 percent of childhood cancers are brain and nervous

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