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Drawing on his experience consulting to over 2,000 libraries Internationally, Kevin Hennah presents a suite of three online workshops throughout May ‘22: Online Learning GENREFICATION ⎮ LAYOUT & SEATING ⎮ MAKEOVERS

DESIGNER series | CREATED BY kevin hennah Library Consultant Kevin Hennah is known for challenging traditional ideas and driving innovation in library design and fit out. Drawing on his experience, Raeco has invited Kevin to create a range of accent and display units. Fusing Kevin’s ideas with Raeco’s reliable quality, we are excited to present our new Designer Series, which we envisage used as attention grabbing hero stands in prominent locations.

Providing guidance on library design and self-managed makeovers, Kevin Hennah has carried out approximately 2,000 onsite consultations at libraries internationally. As an extension of his work, he has developed a suite of workshops and presentations exploring innovation in library design, layout, furniture and signage. He has delivered these throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe,The United Arab Emirates,  The USA and Canada. Kevin has a wealth of ideas to share and is passionate about keeping libraries relevant. 1. Genrefication Showcase | 6th May 2022 Implementing a genre-based layout may be a powerful way to build loan stats and bolster the relevance of libraries. Kevin Hennah strongly believes this is so and his results back up his ideas. Impressive photographs from libraries that have implemented Kevin’s advice will be coupled with equally impressive usage stats and practical advice that may inspire you to reinvent your collection. 2. Innovative Library Layout & Signage | 13th May 2022 There’s simply nothing engaging about about an aisle! Join Kevin Hennah as he challenges traditional ideas on library layout while presenting innovative visual merchandising strategies for physical collections. Plus, how to tailor seating to current and emerging needs in both public libraries and education. Find out more at

Kevin Hennah’s background includes many years consulting to international retail brands. In 2002 he made the transition to work with libraries on strategies to maximise productivity of space, improve presentation and maintain relevance. He has a passion for libraries and has delivered keynote presentations and workshops throughout Asia, Europe, The USA, Canada, The United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Australia.

3. High Impact, Low Budget Makeovers | 20th May 2022 Innovation is not dependant on generous funding! Kevin Hennah demonstrates this with sophisticated and highly creative ideas for display and interior decoration which draw inspiration from retail, museums and art galleries - highlighting that there is much to gain when looking outside our industry for inspiration.

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