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Using the latest technology, these high-resolution works are digitally printed to either acrylic (Perspex) or adhesive vinyl to create stunning installation art that adds visual interest to any space. Sold in sets of 6, each bird is unique in style and form.The average measurement is 600mm in diameter, making them large enough to make quite a statement! Use multiple sets to further maximise impact.You might also consider using two fabrication styles. For example, hanging birds might be used in combination with matching vinyl decals that are applied to walls or windows.

HANGING Artwork is printed to 3mm thick clear acrylic which ensures the image is of equal print quality on both sides (one side matt finish, other gloss). Each bird is supplied with 2 lines of clear fluorocarbon wire, to minimise movement that can effect security alarms, plus clips for attachment to ceiling tile grid. Hooks for standard plaster ceilings are at your discretion. Set of 6: MLBIRD-HAN WALL MOUNTED Each bird is supplied with three 10mm square clear acrylic blocks that have double- sided tape on both sides, allowing you to mount the birds slightly off the wall, creating a raised/3D effect. Set of 6: MLBIRD-WAL ADHESIVE VINYL DECALS Supplied as six separate decals, we are offering two options: – Standard high-resolution vinyl decal (ideal for smooth plaster walls) – Translucent vinyl decals (designed for windows) Set of 6 standard vinyl decals: MLBIRD-VIN Set of 6 translucent vinyl decals for glass: MLBIRD-TRA

Set of 6 Includes the Above

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