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Select one of our sets, or nominate your own words or author names for these giant floating clouds. Manufactured from 3mm thick matte and gloss acrylic, each cloud features 3D raised lettering on both sides. Available in black or white with two lines of clear fluorocarbon wires, to minimise movement that can effect security alarms, and clips for attachment to ceiling tile grid. Hooks for standard plaster ceilings are at your discretion. Select from orange, green, pink or blue text.

Dimensions •

Length: 800mm Height: 500mm

CLOUD Set of 6

Sets: Open-Minded (OPM) Reflective (REF) Communicator (COM) Thinker (THK) Knowledgeable (KNO) Courageous (COR) Inquirer (INQ)

Risk -Taker (RST) Caring (CAR) Principled (PRI) Balanced (BAL) Challenge (CHA) Discover (DIS)


Text on each cloud is available in either Orange (ORA), Green (GRN), Pink (PNK) or Blue (BLU). White text applied to black clouds. * When nominating your own words, it is desirable to choose 13 characters or less, otherwise the font size needs to be reduced.

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