910060_SmarTemp Control 2.0 Reference Sheet

SmarTemp Control 2.0 Operating Instructions for Webasto Air Heaters

Operation The Webasto SmarTemp Control 2.0 enables you to quickly and effortlessly operate Webasto air heaters. It’s operated using a single rotary dial around the outside of the unit to scroll through menu options. Simply click the select button (  ) to make your choice.

On/Off Button

Screw Cap

Ergonomic Comfort Dial

Smart Indicator LED’s  Red for Heat Mode  Blue for Vent Mode  Blinking Red for Diagnostic Codes

Ambient Temperature Display

Set Temperature Display

Menu Select Button

Ambient Temp Sensor

Status Indicator Lights The Red status indicators (heater “ON”) and LCD screen backlight turn off after 30 seconds. A touch of any button or a turn of the rotary knob will re-activate these lights. If the “Webasto” button is used to re-activate these lights, an additional press of this button is necessary to turn the heater off. Note that when the heater is “ON” the display is active.

Temperature Calibration Based on the installation location of the SmarTemp Control 2.0, multiple factors such as door openings can affect the SmarTemp Controls ambient temperature reading. If temperature offset adjustment is needed see “Offset” on rear for further details.

Menu Descriptions




Mode changes the operation of the heater between heat mode and ventilation mode. Status indicator lights will illuminate red for heat mode and blue for ventilation mode when the selected mode is active. Note: Refer to Status Indicator Light description on page 6 for additional Status Indicator explanation.

Heat Mode


Language changes between English, Spanish, and French.


Temp Unit

Temp Unit changes between Fahrenheit and Celsius units of measure.



Advanced level adjustments; see below.

Duration allows for the selection of continuous heater operation or timed operation (30 minutes – 14 hours in 30 minute increments). IMPORTANT: Timed duration is not to be mistaken for Timer functionality. The duration times above are used when turning the heater on manually. I.e. set the heater duration for 8 hours before heading to bed. Note: If timed operation is selected 10 hours is default. LVD “Low Voltage Disconnect” allows the user to set the battery voltage level at which the Webasto SmarTemp Control 2.0 will shut down the heater. A warning (LED and message) will appear after 8 minutes of low voltage. The warning will remain on for 2 minutes before the heater is shut off. If battery voltage is equal to or less than the threshold selected +0.1v, the heater will not start. I.e. if an 11.5v threshold is selected the heater cannot be started until B+ has reached 11.7v.


 Duration


12 volt - Range between 11v – 12.5v 24 volt - Range between 21v – 25.5v

11.4 V 24.02 V

A password can be set to prevent access to the advanced “Options” menu. Enter a 4 digit code passcode to begin securing the “Options” menu. Note: This is typically used in fleet vehicle applications. If the heater has not run 30 days, the preventive maintenance (PM) reminder will alert the operator with a message to run the heater for 20 minutes. The indicator lights will flash red as a visual reminder. The operator will have the ability to Start the 20 minute maintenance cycle or delay it via a “Snooze” option. When Snooze is selected the PM reminder will postpone until 12:00PM the following day. Set time and date using the rotary knob and selection button. 12 (AM / PM) or 24 hour available. The Webasto button can be used to go back to the previous field if additional changes are needed.


 Password


 PM


12 hour

 Time & Date

Depending on the installation location, the temperature reading may vary slightly. The Offset feature allows a temperature adjustment of +/- 9°F (+/- 5°C). Adjust this as necessary to obtain the most accurate ambient temperature reading. 0°

 Offset

Default allows the user to perform a factory reset of the control settings. Note: Heater information will NOT be affected.


 Default


User can select a specific day, time and heater runtime up to 7 days in the future. Be aware this is a one occurrence timer requiring the user to turn the timer “ON” again after each scheduled timer use. When selecting timer a sub-menu will appear (Edit, On, and Off). To modify timer settings, select “edit”. Select the day, time, and heater runtime using the rotary knob and the selection button. Settings are saved each time the selection button is pressed. The heater runtime can be set to 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. If the


timer function will be used regularly for next day startups, the “ANY” setting can be used in place of the day of the week. With this set, the timer will disregard the day setting and start during the next 24 hour period based on the time selected. The “ANY” setting is located in the list of days between Saturday and Sunday. This section will log the last 5 error codes and the date that it was set. Highlight and select an error code for a full description. If the heater produces an error code, the status indicator lights will flash red and the error will display on the main screen. Note: Heater error codes cannot be reset through the Webasto SmarTemp Control 2.0; a Webasto PC Diagnostics tool is required. Refer to the heater service manual for resetting an error code. No Errors

Error Code

SW Version

This displays the firmware version of the Webasto SmarTemp Control 2.0.

Installed Version


Select this to return to the previous screen.


LCD Screen Symbol Legend

Heater Mode Timer Start Day / Time Timer Active Ambient Temperature Set Temperature Runtime Remaining Ambient Temperature User Set Temperature Runtime Remaining Ambient Temperature Fan Speed Indicator (Low - Med - High)

Vent Mode



6:30 AM 75 °F

6:30 AM 75 °F

Main Screen

Timer Start Day / Time Ambient Temperature Timer Active

Set 70 ° F

10:00 AM HeatMode 75 °F 10:00 AM VentMode 75 °F

Mode Indicator

Heat Mode

Set 70 ° F

Heater ON

Mode Indicator

Vent Mode

Fan ON

Scan for interactive demo

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