SmarTemp Control 2.0 Reference Sheet_5.5x8.5-Folded

SmarTemp Control 2.0 Operating Instructions for Webasto Air Heaters

Operation The Webasto SmarTemp Control 2.0 enables you to quickly and effortlessly operate Webasto air heaters. It’s operated using a single rotary dial around the outside of the unit to scroll through menu options. Simply click the select button (  ) to make your choice.

On/Off Button

Screw Cap

Ergonomic Comfort Dial

Smart Indicator LED’s n Red for Heat Mode n Blue for Vent Mode n Blinking Red for Diagnostic Codes

Ambient Temperature Display

Set Temperature Display

Menu Select Button

Ambient Temp Sensor

Status Indicator Lights The Red status indicators (heater “ON”) and LCD screen backlight turn off after 30 seconds. A touch of any button or a turn of the rotary knob will re-activate these lights. If the “Webasto” button is used to re-activate these lights, an additional press of this button is necessary to turn the heater off. Note that when the heater is “ON” the display is active. Temperature Calibration Based on the installation location of the SmarTemp Control 2.0, multiple factors such as door openings can affect the SmarTemp Controls ambient temperature reading. If temperature offset adjustment is needed see “Offset” on rear for further details.

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