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A Message from Eric Bollmann

obvious. There’s muck on the floor, you get the mop, dunk it in some water and maybe soap or ammonia, and scrub it down. Surely, you’re good to go, right? Actually, no matter how hard your fancy mop tries, it can only pick up what sticks to its fibers. Studies show that mops leave behind as much as 50 percent of the problem-causing bacteria, not to mention soil and other residue, which then collects in the cracks between the tiles and permeates the grout. This bacteria, now beyond the reach of your trusty mop, festers and grows. Eventually, it can even emit a nasty odor! With our patented Zerorez cleaning system, we can eliminate over 60 times the bacteria as your dirty old mop or washcloth. Our spray-and-

Flooring may seem like a boring subject, but it’s my business to know all there is to know about every flooring surface in our homes. In the past few years, as new houses were built and old ones were remodeled, I’ve seen a steady shift away from the plush, cushy carpets of the past, replaced instead by tile or wood flooring. For most people, it’s second nature to get your carpets professionally cleaned every once in a while. But did you know that wood and tile surfaces retain their own sets of nasty, invisible bacteria? With our new “Dirty Secrets” series, we aim to give you the lowdown on the toxins that lurk on every surface of your home and how to get rid of them. Take the grout in between your tile, for example. When tile gets dirty, it’s

vac technology uses our signature Empowered Water at high — but safe — pressure to completely remove soil and restore the color of your grout, returning your floor to the way it looked when it was brand new. Nobody wants microbes camping out in their tile and stinking up their kitchen. Let our green technicians do all the work and return your tile to its former glory.

Eric Bollmann


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