Minnesota School Of Music - October 2018

Last month, we featured the “4 R’s of Routine” (repeat, reach, reward, relax) and how each is a vital element in keeping your music student engaged in their practice schedule. While parents certainly play a role in reinforcing each of these 4 R’s in their children, you don’t have to do it alone. Here’s a look at how our teachers and programs help your students reach their musical goals and reward them for doing so! CLIMBING THE LADDER HOW WE KEEP MUSIC FUN AND EDUCATIONAL Remaining motivated to practice inside and outside the classroom is the key to musical success, but encouraging this in students can be difficult. As music lovers, we want students to be excited to pick up an instrument and play. But as teachers, we also need to ensure a student is pushing themselves to develop the technical skills and theoretical understanding to be an accomplished musician. To strike the balance between fun and discipline, we progressively reward students in a way that keeps their eyes focused on the next big step. We do this through a series of musical tests that earn students tangible awards they can use to show friends and family how far they’ve come. This method of positive reinforcement is called The Musical Ladder System®. The Musical Ladder System® is a patent-pending system of progression for music students. It was developed by former music professor Marty Fort for teaching his own students. The system uses a series of tests meant to gauge a student’s mastery while rewarding them for each rung of the “ladder” they reach. As they pass tests, these students earn colored wristbands noting their progress as a musician. Think of them like the colored belts used in Karate classes. As students pass tests for advancement, they may also earn extra rewards like certificates or trophies to mark especially significant milestones or notable achievements. Wristbands and trophies are great in their own right; they provide kids with a tangible sense of accomplishment and push them to keep striving for the next rank. But some of our longtime families like to take things a step further by making the evening of their student’s test an event. Parents might go out for tacos or pizza afterward to celebrate another advancement. Taking the time to turn these tests into events is a great way to keep kids engaged and having fun! TAKING IT HOME POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT THE MUSICAL LADDER SYSTEM®


Alisa N. Christian G. Alisiah V. Brayden T. William M. El’ Jay V. Joseph D. Vladimir D. Juliet P. William A. AUGUST

Corinne C. Jadon G. Caia G. Sam L. Cora D. Emerson F. Sydney B. Alex R. Sam G. Caden W.

Clara K. Isaac M. Eli M. Tyler H. Grace L. Lily P.

Ashley O. Maxine P. Gigi S. Hannah G.

Justin G. Kayla D.

Justin N. Violet K.

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