2020 Rate Forecast & Impact Analysis v1

Here’s what all shippers need to know about navigating their transportation budget planning for 2020.

The parcel shipping environment is fraught with hidden charges, rising fuel surcharges, and increasing accessorial rates, all of which can add up to substantial cost increases for companies that rely on the parcel carriers to get their products from Point A to Point B. With transportation comprising a healthy chunk of any shipper’s budget, staying “in the know” about these and other pricing fluctuations can mean the difference between operating profitably and losing money on every order. In this 2020 Rate Forecast and Impact Analysis, we discuss the most important points that should go into every parcel shipping plan, show you which hidden charges are most likely to impact your budget, and explain how working with a seasoned, tech-savvy logistics provider can give you the ammunition you need to win in 2020.

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