Key Findings and Observations MADD Loudoun volunteers started 2020 with a court monitor in attendance for all the 8:30AM and 10:00AM dockets and occasionally the 1:30pm dockets. Once the pandemic hit and the courts were closed, all the court monitoring data was done remotely through the VA public on-line court program database. As a result of the pandemic, DWI cases were paused and all jury trials were put on hold until November 2020. Due to continuances related to the pandemic, many 2020 offenses will not be concluded until the middle to end of 2021. Based on the case information collected and tracked by MADD Loudoun court monitors, the following observations were noted.

Disposition Rates:

• Based on cases monitored in 2020, MADD noted 85% of cases ended with a disposition of guilty (546 cases). In 2019, this number of 86% (571 cases). • MADD noted a higher rate of Nolle prosequi/dismissals in 2020 (12%). • Many guilty dispositions resulted with an amendment of the original charge (200 of the 546 guilty

verdicts 36%). Typically, the case was amended to a lesser charge. • 13% of cases were noted as being reduced to reckless driving.

• 8% of cases had the additional charge of open container. For the charge of open container, MADD noted that if the overall case disposition was guilty, the open container charge was dismissed.

Blood Alcohol Content

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) refers to the percentage of alcohol in a person’s blood stream. In Virginia, a person is legally intoxicated if he/she has a BAC of .08% or higher. The BAC data was confirmed by using the local computers at Loudoun County Courthouse. • The highest BAC recorded by volunteers in 2020 was .44 on a single case. This number is over 5 times the legal limit. • A BAC level of under .08 often represents an underage impaired driver.





Lower Than .08 .16 – .19 .08 – .15 .20 – .25 .30 And Higher



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