Classification Of Charge And Previous Offenses

Of cases monitored in 2020, 81% of cases were inputted as a first time DWI.





DWI 1st

DWI 2nd

DWI 3rd

Alcohol And Drug Related Cases

Of cases monitored in 2020, 89% of cases did not involve the use of a known substance, other than alcohol. Based on recent study by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 2 conducted during the 2020 pandemic, roughly 65% of those involved in a serious or fatal crash tested positive for at least one active drug (alcohol, cannabis or opioids). This percentage represents an increase in both opioid and cannabis use compared to data 6 months prior to the pandemic. MADD Loudoun will continue to monitor all impaired driving charges; including drugged driving to see how changing events and laws have an effect on sentencing and proportion of drugged driving cases in the County. 2. Office of Behavioral Safety Research. (2021, January). Update to special reports on traffic safety During the COVID-19 public health emergency: Third quarter data. (Report No. DOT HS 813 069). National Highway Traffic Safety Administration



Alcohol Related Cases

Drug Or Poly Substance Cases

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