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Using Essential Oils in Your Home

Here are some ways to use essential oils in every room of your house.


Add 3–6 drops of essential oil to the cardboard tube inside your toilet paper roll to help combat bathroom odours. Keep your shower fresh by spraying it with a mixture of 5 drops of PURE Eucalyptus , 5 drops of Melaleuca Oil, and 473 ml of water. Turn your shower into an invigorating diffuser by adding 5–10 drops of refreshing PURE Orange or clearing Vapor to the corners of your shower before you start the water.

The right scent can trigger a flood of memories, influence your mood, and even create a focused work environment.


Place 3–5 drops of PURE Lavender or Peppermint on each PURE Dryer Ball before placing them in dryer. Use four dryer balls for regular loads. Reduce as needed for smaller loads.


Use PURE Lemon Oil to remove sticky residue from surfaces. You can also add a few drops to your Lemon Brite Hand Dishwashing Liquid for extra grease-cutting power. Deodorize your fridge after cleaning by wiping the inside with a solution of water and several drops of PURE Grapefruit . Diffuse PURE Lavender or Lemon for a cleansing aroma.


Make a simple linen spray with 5–8 drops of PURE Lavender and 60 ml of water in a mini spray bottle. Diffuse the Peace Tranquility Blend in your bedroom at night before bedtime. Mix your own natural perfume with PURE Grapefruit , Rose , and Ylang-Ylang .


Make your own potpourri with dried flowers or herbs and several drops of essential oils. Liven up silk flower arrangements with several drops of PURE Rose , Ylang-Ylang , or any essential oil of your choice. Create a warm, welcoming environment by diffusing PURE Cinnamon Bark , Orange , and Clove. You can also try any of the PURE seasonal blends.

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