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CHANGE YOUR BODY ONA CELLULAR LEVEL The True Power of Exercise and Alleviating Hypertension

yourself up to it. Don’t jump into a routine you’re not prepared for. Try exercising for 30 minutes at a time and prepare your day to block off enough time for exercise, hygiene, and rest. Start once a week, increase to twice, then continue until you reach five days a week. The frequency isn’t the only aspect you should consider. The intensity of your workout makes a big difference too. There are super simple ways to determine whether your intensity is right for you. Can you carry a full conversation or sing while exercising? If so, then it’s probably not intense enough. Can you carry a short conversation while exercising? If so, then it’s probably right on track. If you’re out of breath right away or have to stop because you’re so strained, then you may be putting too much stress on your body. You hear it all the time: Moderation is key. The same couldn’t be truer for your exercise. We hope you adopt some regular fitness into your routine!

Exercise keeps your body feeling great. Physical therapists rely on it all the time to help you recover. But did you know that its benefits can affect your health even on a cellular level by improving blood flow and blood pressure? Here at Horizon Physical Therapy, we see a lot of patients who struggle with hypertension, or high blood pressure. This potentially serious condition increases your risk for even more dangerous illnesses like heart disease. That’s why exercise is so important: It strengthens your body and your heart, as well as regulates your blood flow in a healthy way. You might find yourself dreading exercise sometimes, but don’t assume you have to jump on the treadmill every single day. Keeping your exercise at a moderate intensity and frequency actually gives you the best results. Besides the physical benefits, mental benefits also peak with moderate levels of exercise. A study involving 1.2 million Americans found that people with moderate exercise routines often experienced one and a half fewer days of “poor mental health” than others. Now, what’s considered a moderate frequency? We believe that at least 30 minutes a day and five days a week can give you the best results. It might sound like a lot, but there’s no harm in warming

Grilled Basil Chicken and Tomatoes

Have a Laugh

Inspired by TasteOfHome.com


• • • • • • •

2 tbsp olive oil 1 clove garlic

1/2 tsp salt

3/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1/4 cup tightly packed fresh basil leaves

8 Roma tomatoes

4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves (4 oz each)


1. For marinade: In blender, combine olive oil, garlic, salt, vinegar, and basil. Cut 2 tomatoes into quarters and add to mixture. Cover and process until blended. Halve remaining tomatoes for grilling. 2. In bowl, combine chicken and 2/3 cup marinade. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Reserve remaining marinade. 3. Heat grill to about 350–400 F. Lightly oil grates. Grill chicken until internal temperature reads 165 F, about 4–6 minutes per side. Grill tomatoes until lightly browned, about 2–4 minutes per side. Discard remaining marinade. 4. Serve chicken and tomatoes with reserved marinade.




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