Drug Related DUIs

Of the cases observed in 2020 across Nevada, 31% involved drugs other than alcohol. When the type of drug was known, marijuana was the most common followed by cocaine and opioids. MADD Nevada is commit- ted to continuing to monitor both alcohol and drug related DUI cases, follow them through the adjudication process, and use the information collected to study the long-term implications of drug use while behind the wheel.


Alcohol Related

Drug Related


DUI Levels

According to 2020 case data where BAC could be captured, 60% of the cases had BACs or blood alcohol content between .09 and .19 – up to twice the legal limit by law. This was followed by 31% of cases with BACs of .20 or higher and then 9% with BACs of .08 or lower. While this is just a snapshot of 255 cases, it is alarm- ing in that more than 90% of all alcohol-related impaired drivers tested either above the legal limit of .08 up to three times the legal limit while on the roads of Nevada.



.0 – .08

.09 – .19

.20 Or Higher


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