It is important to note that this data comes from only the cases that MADD monitored. MADD did not monitor or record every case in every county, and the data collection was at random. Of all cases monitored by MADD in 2020, nearly 70% of the cases resulted in a guilty DUI conviction. The data represented shows that some counties had much higher conviction rates than others. It is MADD’s belief that continued court monitoring will continue to create a strong presence in courtrooms across Illinois, and this will allow for more data to be recorded which will continue to give an even clearer, more accurate picture of judicial and prosecutorial patterns throughout the state.

Impaired Driving By Case Type 2019 and 2020



Drugged Impaired Driving

In review of 2020 cases monitored, MADD recorded whether a case was related specifically to alcohol and/or other drugs in over 56% of cases. Out of these cases, 18% of them involved other drugs while 82% had alcohol present. In looking at the cases monitored by MADD in 2019, 17% of cases involved drugs other than alcohol while 83% did not. This is important to note as 2020 was the first year that recreational marijuana became legal in Illinois, so there was a slight increase in drugged driving cases out of what MADD monitored. For comparison, Colorado which legalized recreational marijuana in 2013, saw an increase each year from 2013 to 2017 in the percentage of all traffic deaths where at least one driver tested positive for marijuana. 1 As more data is analyzed post-legalization of marijuana in Illinois, data trends will show what impact this has on driving.

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