King's Business - 1940-04

The Bible Family Magazine

APRIL • 1940

Five cents a copy, 50 cents a year in U. S. Official Organ of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles

Putnam Studios.


When summer clouds, or drifting clouds of spring, Take (ire from some great sunset as it burns, I look beyond their (lame, remembering: He will come back in clouds when He returns; And when the winter clouds hang dark and low Above the earth, my eyes look through and see Something beyond their bleakness— for I know He said He would come back in clouds for me.

This is the silver lining I have found In heaven’s clouds. And, though the clouds of war, Of earthquake, famine, pestilence, abound, Shall these provoke to terror any more? Nay. God has flashed this comfort on the sky: “ Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh.” — HELEN FRAZEE-BOWER.

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