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Trimmer Line & Heads

Jet-Fit ™ Trimmer Heads An easy-to-load fixed-line head designed for use with FlexiBlade ™ . These heads also work with all types and sizes of trimmer line, and fit the majority of counterclockwise-turning trimmers. Jet-Fit heads mount on trimmers using the trimmer’s blade bolt or nut and one of the basic adapter washers included (8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm) or the reduction-ring adapter for trimmers requiring a 20 mm arbor. The adaptors packaged with Jet-Fit heads also include several others for fit-up to trimmers having different mounting requirements.

NOTE : Jet-Fit heads are attached using the trimmer’s blade bolt or nut mounting bolts are not packaged with Jet-Fit heads. In Canada, Jet-Fit heads have been replaced with Flexihead ™ trimmer heads:

• Oregon® 55-403 is Oregon 55-407 in Canada • Oregon 55-404 is Oregon 55-408 in Canada



2-Line Aluminum Jet-Fit Trimmer Head

Use on trimmers > 25cc


Product Code


Pawl & Spring Kit 4 pieces: 2 springs & 2 pawls



Glide Cone


Kwik Loader® Trimmer Heads


Jet Fit ™ Express Trimmer Head


Adaptors, bolts and nuts included to fit most trimmers The Oregon® Jet-Fit Express head features square eyelets making it an excellent choice for use with FlexiBlade ™ . Easy loading and unloading, just push to load and pull to unload. Square eyelets hold FlexiBlade securely, and at the right angle for maximum cutting force. Can be used with all sizes and shapes of line Packaged in clamshells for easy display and easy sales


Product Code


Square Eyelets For Oregon 55-406-0 Package of 2


NOTE : In Canada this Jet-Fit Express Head has been replaced with Flexihead ™ Trimmer Head P/N 55-409.


LG 1017

Trimmer Line & Heads


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