2020 Oregon Catalog

Saw Chain

Oregon Features – Saw Chain

Low Vibration Less vibration equals more comfort. We wanted to lessen vibration-induced white finger (VWF), so we created a small space between the saw chain and the guide bar. A lot of the energy gets dissipated by the saw chain, acting as a shock absorb- er. It never reaches the guide bar, the saw — or most important — the operator. Our low vibration design reduces vibrations by 25% or more.


Low vibration heel

Filing indicators

Filing Indicators Your sharpening made easier and more accurate. Special filing marks show the best top-plate angle. Lines make it easier for filing the correct top-plate angle and help maintain equal cutter lengths. Filing indicators show you when cutters have reached the end of their life. Cutters should not be sharpened beyond the line.

Filing indicator

Blued Components Our Blued Components give you high-quality resistance to corrosion with the pres- ence of protective oil. A precise and controlled tempering process results in a blue surface, designating our best-in-class saw chain.


Chrome-Plated Cutters Your chain stays sharper, longer. Oregon electroplates a layer of industrial hard chrome to all our saw chain cutters. Chrome delivers a harder surface and better wear resistance. So you spend more time cutting and less time filing or grinding the chain.


Hardened Rivets For a longer working saw chain, Oregon induction hardens and quenches all saw chain rivets, delivering a high-quality, load-bearing surface that resists wear and improves strength. Less wear and chain stretch means fewer chain tension adjust- ments.


FOR 117

Saw Chain


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