2020 Oregon Catalog

Saw Chain

Product Families Oregon understands that the needs of woodcutters – professionals and novices – are as diverse as the terrains and environments in which they work. We have organized our saw chains into product families with key characteristics that different users will value. These product families will help ensure that you choose the right chain based on your everyday needs—helping to make understanding the differences between our chains effortless.


To help easily identify our tiers of products, packaging is differentiated by color. Product within families meeting the needs of occasional users will be indicated by gray packaging. Product families targeted at demanding professional users will be indi- cated by black packaging. Chain for High-Performance Saws

PowerCut™ The ultimate saw chain for loggers and skilled forest workers who use high performance saws. Full chisel cutters power through timber with speed, efficiency, and precision. SpeedCut™ Faster, cutting performance for wood-cutting professionals who use mid-size saws under 55cc. Narrow kerf system requires less power to cut through high volumes of wood quickly and easily. VersaCut™ Designed for landowners and tree-cutting professionals who require a multi-purpose, high performing saw chain. Uses cutters designed for maximum durability and versatility. ControlCut™ Ideal for wood cutting professionals looking for a fully featured cutting system that delivers smooth cutting and reduced kickback. Easy to maintain saw chain, with a forgiving sharpening profile. DuraCut™ Made for woodcutters working in abrasive and tough environments. Advanced plating process with extra layers of chrome extends sharpness up to three times longer than conventional saw chain. RipCut™ Created specifically for chain-type sawmills. Produces smooth ripping cuts with supreme efficiency to make precise boards and planks.

Chain with Reliable Performance

AdvanceCut™ Perfect for homeowners cutting trees on their property and for landscape professionals who occasionally cut wood. User-friendly because of the low kickback designs.

FOR 119

Saw Chain


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